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A DVD well worth your money - 95%

MetalValhalla, March 29th, 2006

I'm not going to give a review of Krisiun's music here, you're either a fan or your not. As far as the DVD goes it has all of the things you would hope for in a concert DVD. Not one but two concerts, from 2004, both of excellent sound and video quality. The first being at a large Polish venue, the other a smaller club in South America. Song selection is from the Works of Carnage album on back (95-2003). It also has some nice bonus features, including the band's discography, behind the scenes stuff, and a cool looking menu. Totally professionally well done at a reasonable price (less than 15 bucks). If only every concert DVD were this well made. If you like these guys even a little bit go out and get a copy of this DVD, if not then don't.