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Live Armageddon - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 9th, 2007

After 6 albums and 16 years of music, finally Krisiun recorded their first DVD. I like this band very much and when I heard about this DVD I bought it immediately. The first part of this DVD contains 9 songs recorded live at Metalmania ( in Poland ) in 2004, when they opened for Morbid Angel in that tour. These songs are most from the last albums, from Apocalyptic Revelation ‘till Works Of Carnage album. This surprised me, because there are no songs from their primordial death metal masterpiece called Black Force Domain…what a pity! Anyway the band, live, is incredible… even faster than on CD! Max Kolesne is incredible behind the drum, while his brother with the guitar is great both during the rhythmic parts and the solos: fast, technical and brutal. Alex Camargo’s vocals are growly, brutal and the bass very heavy. The group plays very well, talking with the crowd, so happy for the brutal assault.

The second part contains a Live recording in São Paolo in 2004 (12 songs and none of Black Force Domain…noooo…!!); 3 songs recorded at Wacken 2001 ; the Recording Session for Works Of Carnage and the video clip of the song Murderer.
The live recorded in Brazil is quite good and the drum solo is terrific; while the tracks played at Wacken are not so well recorded from the point of view of the cameras and the sound, too noisy…
Anyway a very good DVD, that includes photos, discography and biography. Recommended for those who continue to criticise the group for different reasons and, of course, for every brutal death metal fan. Watch it and die!!!!

A DVD well worth your money - 95%

MetalValhalla, March 29th, 2006

I'm not going to give a review of Krisiun's music here, you're either a fan or your not. As far as the DVD goes it has all of the things you would hope for in a concert DVD. Not one but two concerts, from 2004, both of excellent sound and video quality. The first being at a large Polish venue, the other a smaller club in South America. Song selection is from the Works of Carnage album on back (95-2003). It also has some nice bonus features, including the band's discography, behind the scenes stuff, and a cool looking menu. Totally professionally well done at a reasonable price (less than 15 bucks). If only every concert DVD were this well made. If you like these guys even a little bit go out and get a copy of this DVD, if not then don't.