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Standing on the legacy of its past - 75%

Axis_Corpsefucker, October 17th, 2005

Heavy slightly muddled production creating fast/mid-paced semiblast-beat Death metal. The whirl-wind death metal style of Krisiun returns with this album and I’m happy to hear their style is still the same and heavy but I’ve realized that they’re running out of ideas. Half of this album is new material, just generic Krisiun, but the other half is just a rerelease of “Unmerciful Order” MCD, which in my opinion is far more superior than their new “Bloodshed” material.

Now with that said, that leaves me with a dilemma. I don’t know whether to welcome this new “Bloodshed” release or scorn it saying that they’re just recycling old ideas over and over. I, for one, haven’t heard their “Unmerciful Order” MCD before and when I heard the portion of the cd that contained it, I was really impressed.

“Bloodshed” is generic Krisiun, all the songs sound mostly the same utilizing the same formula (except for “Slain Fate” and “Hateful Nature” which stands out) and the instrumentals are pointless, its just slow atmospheric noise, I’m not really a fan of this slowass bullshit. But the “Unmerciful Order” portion of this cd fucking owns. I’m really fucking impressed by their early material. Its really fast and brutal without ever slowing down. The vocals are relentless and brutal the drumming is superb and blasting the entire time. The bass….well fuck the bass, who needs that shit when everything else fucking owns so much. The song structure in their old material is unique in a sense where its completely relentless, meaning it just keeps progressing from one kickass riff to another without stopping. When it does stop, it tricks you into thinking this torture is gonna end, and all of the sudden it kicks back up again raping your fucking ears.

So in the end, all it comes down to is this. The new “Bloodshed” material is generic Krisiun, if you’ve heard any of their recent cd’s you’ve heard their new material on this album. But if you haven’t heard “Unmerciful Order” (which is no longer available) definitely buy this fucking cd! “Unmerciful Order” by itself is worth your money and plus it comes with two songs from “Bloodshed” that doesn’t suck so its definitely worth it.

Overall, I’m still wondering whether I should welcome this release of “Bloodshed” or not. Since the material on “Bloodshed” mostly suck and they have to rely on their old material to make up for it, I’m not too certain about the future of this band. “Unmerciful Order” by itself in my opinion is a 100 but without it I would’ve given “Bloodshed” a 50. So for this cd I’ll give it a 75 but the future for this band is looking bleak.

RECOMMENDED SONG: Slain Fate, Hateful Nature, and all of their early material
THE GAY SONG: all instrumentals, Visions Beyond
LYRICS: Hate, murder, death
PRODUCTION: Heavy-clear, (its heavy and muddled for “unmerciful order”)
PACKAGING: Band logo with blood, comes with Lyrics sheet
OVERALL: Unmerciful Order will slay you all! For fans of brutal blast-beat death metal!