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Fuckin' death - 94%

true_death, October 16th, 2013

This is a brutal album filled with blast beats, death growls, whirlwind solos, and thrashing riffs. And that is it. Usually, one will think of Krisiun as the band that sandwiches blasting brutality pooled from the school of Morbid Angel and Deicide between relentless stop-start breakdowns. On this album, the band was more or less a fusion of traditional old school death metal and the relentless, underground style known as "bestial" black metal. Not a single breakdown can be found anywhere on the album, and instead the listener is graced by some of the most intense music ever to call the "death metal" genre it's home.

With rough, shoddy production, sharp, razor-blade guitar, incredibly powerful death grunts, and drums that do not stop blasting for the entire CD's length, any fan of black/death metal is guaranteed to find something to love with this CD. That said...and I never thought I would say this...this album may actually be a bit (in the words of Morbid Angel) "too extreme" for some people. There is not a single moment on this album that the band lets up the intensity, and the entire concept of "breakdowns" and even "slow" or "groove-oriented" passages goes up in flames in favor of a merciless blast of fire and hatred that very few blackened death metal bands can touch. Every note is brought to it's utmost extreme: the solos are long-winded blasts of pure adrenaline and speed, the same can be said for the drums (his regular fills often last as much as 5 seconds). However, the amount of extremity also equals a certain amount of confusion as to which song is playing...I wouldn't say that they all sound the same, but some people might find this to be a repetitive album with some songs (but certainly not all songs). This album is actually painful to listen to at times, but it's still a damn fine album and is recommended to anyone who enjoys classic death metal and black metal. I recommend "Obsession by Evil Force" and "Sacrifice of the Unborn".