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The Brazilian Altars of Madness - 87%

melodyharmony, February 16th, 2009

As everybody knows, Altars of Madness is the most legendary death metal album of all time. Not a lot of bands can even come close to the evilness and greatness Morbid Angel had on that album. That one album spawned many imitators, and many bands failed where that album succeeded, and few bands could compete with the downright evilness of it. One of those few bands that competes with Morbid Angel is Krisiun, perhaps the best Brazilian death metal band ever. Take one of the best albums from one of the best Brazilian death metal bands ever and put it next to one the best death metal albums period - and you have a fair challenge.

The riffs on this album are pure death metal evil. The guitars on this album sound like they came straight out of the fiery depths of hell - as if the riffs were written by Satan himself. That's how evil the riffs on this album are. Twisted, relentlessly fast, terrifying, foreboding madness - that's how you could describe the sound of the guitars here. Krisun takes what Possessed did ten years earlier, and makes it even faster, even more evil, and even more crazy. And then comes the solos - the solos here are really something else. Perhaps some of the fastest, most insane, shredding solos ever recorded. The speed of the solos here is much faster than Slayer or even Dark Angel, and even Cryptic Slaughter. And these aren't short little pansy solos either - these are full length one minute plus solos, that will smash your skull in and send you towards hell. Imagine Slayer solos, but more refined, even more morbid, and even faster and crazier. Although they can also be a little slower and melodic, such as on the Testament-like Infamous Glory, an awesome two minute guitar solo.

Now just like the guitars, the drums are just as crazy. Pretty much every second of this album is filled with extremely fast blast beats or insane fills. The drumming here is certainly unrelenting - This guy never lets up. The intensity of the drumming here is certainly on par with most death metal bands, old and modern.

My understanding of death metal vocals is that either you have deep guttural growls like Cannibal Corpse or raspy evil ones like Morbid Angel. The vocals here straddle between those, while having a certain growling quality are still mildly understandable, and while not extremely low, work fine. Alex also plays bass at the same time, which happens to be pretty good, and syncs well with the guitars.

The lyrics are pretty stereotypical, focusing on nothing but Satan and evil - which of course works perfectly for the album, because it would be strange to have such evil riffs without evil lyrics to back it up.

If you want some satanic, evil, relentless, crazy death metal, than pick up Krisiun's Black Force Domain.