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Brutal and Relentless - 98%

bastos666, March 12th, 2008

So, this is where the infamous Krisiun started their bloody campaign. One thing I must say, this album is not for the week minded, this stuff will pierce trough your heart and kill you. The production is very raw but that isn’t a bad thing at all because it gives the album a very underground and hellish feeling, precisely how Satanic Death Metal should be performed.

Stunningly, the lyrics of Black Force Domain are pretty cool and even “mature” since these guys were young and English is not their native tongue. Yes, the lyrics are great and VERY evil. The guitars riffs are excellent and the solos are great, they are executed in most perfect way with lots of taping and shredding and all that stuff.

Alex Camargo does is best vocal performance because is vocals are brutal but at the same time understandable. Not common in Brutal Death Metal. Finally, we have Max Kolesne?..oh my god?..this guy destroys his drums, I have never heard anything like this before. It’s just pissed off drumming; I cannot find words to describe this maniac performance in this album. It’s JUST BRUTAL!!

Now for the songs, all of them are really good but 4 of them must be considered highlights and classics. The title track for its memorable riff and chorus, “Evil mastermind” has an excellent drum solo (read Max part above in my review) and a great guitar solo (the chorus is cool too). ? “Obsession by Evil Force” is, I think, the shortest song on the album but it’s the fastest (really fuckin´ fast) and “Sacrifice of the Unborn” is a great closer and my personal favorite with blasting riffs and brilliant lyrics.

Overall, a very good album with some minor flaws and sometimes it can be a bit monotonous but that doesn’t matter. If you see it, buy it fast!!!!!