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The Kolesne Assualt Force - 90%

Nephilum667, January 23rd, 2010

Hearing Works of Carnage a while back got me wondering- what else was in store for this incredibly fast, energetic, and relentless band. I come to check out this website and find out the band's debut was released in '95- so I go to a record store and special order it totally unaware of what I bought thinking it'd be a good gamble since the cover had a bleeding pentagram and four upside down crosses on it, along with the fact that I trust Brazilian metal to be above average (at least when comes to 90s releases).

I unwrap the CD, play it, and I hear this faded guitar intro turn into a riff followed by a bashing of kick-drums and then a storm of everything coming together. With the intro song "Black Force Domain" there's a mystifying atmosphere of how unorganized, chaotic, and nonstop this album was going to be. On this song is probably one of the fastest solos I've ever heard played for a solid minute and a half, well performed vocals by Alex Camargo, and out of this world drumming by Max Kolesne (does he know how to stop using his kick drums?).

The most fluent theme in this entire album, lyrically, is apocalypse through divine intervention of "the evil master" or large scale death and misery of mankind through plague and the "evil master's" power. A great example of this is in the song "Rejected to Perish Below" in the following verses

"The Human kingdom gets intercepted
assaulted by Master's cruelty
burial of nature
purgatory is here now
fire of a thousand suns
burning the existence
pounding the universe"

You can most certainly hear the Sarcofago influence on this record- but there is enough of their own element to call this "original work". The guitar sound is kind of tinny, yet has some beef to it- kind of like the demo days of Obituary. The drums sound full and loud (did I mention the kick drums?) and the bass is in the Will Rahmer style. It's a solid album and I'd put it in league with one of my favorite death metal albums of the 90s. For fans of relentless, basic-yet-technical, Brazilian death metal