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Victory or Death, The Glory from Black!! - 93%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 8th, 2007

This first Krisiun's album shows no mercy at all!! It’s a pure, fucking brutal attack. The music here is still a bit primordial in the sound but incredibly powerful. When I bought this CD I couldn’t imagine a thing like this…the drums blast beats, done by the great Max Kolesne, are the trademark of this work; they are neverending. Well, this is good, but after awhile it turns a bit monotonous…the impact is huge but the tempo changes are not present in the Krisiun’s skill.

The title track is incredible with his evil refrain and the great solos! Yes, these ones are amazing in every single song!! They are fast, long and not easy to be done at all: tremolos, slides, fast shreds…fucking good. The growls of Moyses Kolesne are fucking brutal, but you can here the words very well and also you can scream it to death.

The guitars are quite various in their parts but the drums are always on brutal blast beats. Every song has got a good refrain that can catch you with truly evil sounds and atmosphere. The only song that is a bit different from the others is “Infamous Glory”, with the sound of bells as intro to a long guitar solo, supported by a gloomy synth. The long, brutal drums intro to “Evil Masterminds” always makes me crazy…fast double kick and fast drums rolls that become part of the song.

The refrain of “Sacrifice Of The Unborn” is very good while Moyses growls are always more and more pissed off and brutal. The guitar solos on “Rejected To Perish Below” are full of tapping parts, shreds and so on…total madness.

All in all, a very good album but sometimes is too monotonous especially for the drums parts…surely a "Must" for every brutal death metal fan searching for pure violence, blast beats and zero melody. A good lesson also for those who are searching for the origin of groups like Rebaelliun (similar name, similar music style) and Horned God.

Ah, check out the solo and the structures on the title track and compared them to Rebaelliun’s “Annihilation” title track: the same thing… so, happy brutality! Enjoy it!