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An Intense Death Metal Classic - 95%

HumanAbandonware, October 1st, 2019

There's no question about it, Brazillian death metal trio Krisiun is one hell of a force to be reckoned with. Formed in 1990, the band consists of three brothers; Alex Camargo on bass and vocals, Max Kolesne manning the drums, and Moyses Kolesne commanding the guitar. Almost every single one of their ten full-length offerings has struck gold with listeners, and with an upcoming eleventh release looming in the foreseeable future, what better way to prepare than by going back to 1995, at the heart of the band's roots.

You may have seen the album cover a multitude of times over the years, and that's because Black Force Domain is one of the most prevalent debut albums ever released. It contains death metal that's clearly on the cusp of black metal, and the sound overall is exceedingly greasy and raw. The production values are high on treble and very light on bass; the bass drum doesn't have much of an impact unless it's featured in stand-alone areas, and the bass guitar is barely felt at all.

Of course, the opening title track is a shining beacon of Satanic force; it's an intense, instantly ear-catching way to kick off the material. The long ending solo will all but make your head explode with just how tight, fast, and high it climbs up the neck of the guitar. By the end, you'll be salivating for more, and Krisiun delivers just that... 40+ minutes of some of the fastest and most fluid guitar licks that death metal has ever seen.

It's hard to not base this review around the guitar alone, as it has a massive spotlight on it for the entire album. With solos that encompass everything from masterful sweeping, to light-speed tapping, and tremendously fast hammer-ons/pull-offs, Moyses' skill is immediately cemented as irrefutable. His scales are menacing, dark, and sharp as a machete. No track goes without a handful of solos, be them long or short, and they're changed up from being laid over heavy rhythm riffs to standing by themselves.

Even though the mixing and sound quality doesn't allow for Max's drums to stand out as much as they could, songs such as "Hunter of Souls" are overtaken by his rapid-fire. The patterns are fueled by more than just blast beats, taking in rounds on the tom-toms, flavorful stopped hi-hat crashes, and producing solid beats that accent the guitars as well. Max gets his own chance to pummel the ears off of listeners during the start of "Evil Mastermind", which kicks off with a 40-second drum solo that utilizes every single part of his kit in a tempo that's nearly sub-human.

While a lot of death metal bands in the '90s, such as Grave and Autopsy, were implementing slow riffs and acidic, doom-like structures to their songs, Krisiun ensured that Black Force Domain is nothing short of non-stop skull-crushing brutality at a pace that even Satan would have a hard time keeping up with. It's sweaty, it's fevered, and it's filled with such a high level of musicianship that one might be led to wonder if the then 20-something-year-olds actually did sell their souls to acquire it.

In reality, the instrumental track "Infamous Glory" is the only offering that could be considered even slightly slow, and that's only really due to its lack of drums; it starts out with sinister keyboard backings as a slick two-minute guitar solo takes over the listener's ears. Things intensify around the middle for a while, as creepy organs make their way into the fray. There's no drums, bass, or vocals here, just pure face-melting shredding backed by haunting synthesizers.

The majority of Black Force Domain is an awe-inspiring masterpiece, but with that said it does carry on a bit too long. The material could've benefitted from stopping at "Obsession by Evil Force", though that's definitely not to say that "Sacrifice of the Unborn" isn't a good track. Additionally, the vocals are good and powerful, but they're also dry; they don't stand out amongst the crowd of death metal vocalists. You can't point them out in a crowd and go "Oh yeah! That's Krisiun alright", but you can with the rest of the instruments. This is one of the death metal albums that you need to listen to before you die.

- Human Abandonware

the vocals suck - 68%

RapeTheDead, May 28th, 2015

Krisiun is a band who somehow got a big record deal among the hordes of other bands who seem to have the exact same approach. Following the long Brazilian tradition of skull-pounding brutality, Krisiun's goal is to play really thick tremolo riffs with blastbeats with the occasional slower part or solo serving to remind you they actually do have the capability to play something other than thick tremolo riffs and blastbeats--they just choose not to do so because there's really nothing better in life than thick tremolo riffs and blastbeats. You probably know that already, though, right? I mean, in this day and age you can just pull up a Krisiun song on youtube and get the general idea of what these guys sound like. Doesn't even really matter which album it is, they all have Morbid Angel-style riffs with tense grooves coupled with that South American straightforward, in-your-face songwriting approach and very rarely diverge from that formula. Though there's subtle variation from album to album (something that detractors of Krisiun as well as bands like Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Motorhead and whatnot often fail to get their head around), it's all punishing death metal written with the minimalism and blastbeat frequency usually seen in black metal. Not really a difficult sound to grasp or anything. What's the point in reviewing a Krisiun album then? Well, that previously mentioned subtle variation between albums actually makes for for some pretty large differences that a lot of people may gloss over. Sure, it all tries to be fast, heavy, loud and evil, but there are a lot of different ways to achieve those goals and some work better than others. The little tweaks that Krisiun have made to refine their sound over the course of almost a couple of decades now are definitely noticeable, and sometimes it seems like opinions regarding Krisiun either miss the little flaws that hold the album back or gloss over the idiosyncrasies that make each album cool and engaging.

This seems to be particularly true for Black Force Domain, which seems to be held in pretty high regard no matter where you look amongst extreme metal fans. It gets acclaim for being particularly "evil" and "satanic" when held up against their other releases, which is I guess sort of understandable. It's their debut album, so the production doesn't have quite as much of a "massive boot stomping on your face repeatedly" feel as later albums would. There's much more black metal in their sound here than on any other release, too. I might just be suckered into thinking that because of the shittier production and the pentagram on the cover, because there's always a lingering black metal influence in Krisiun's music (any time you use a lot of thick tremolo riffs and blasting it's bound to be the case), but nonetheless a Demoncy-esque sense of primitive, heavy black metal emerges on this album fairly frequently. All things considered, this does lend itself to a more chaotic and menacing atmosphere even behind the initial sloppiness. Out of all Krisiun's albums, this is the most distinct, the most primitive, and the most black metal, at least on the string/percussion front. Why isn't this my favorite of their albums, then?

Unless you didn't read the title or you're just really fucking stupid, it's the vocals. This album isn't that great specifically because of, and entirely due to the vocals. I know metalheads' standards for vocals aren't exactly all that high to begin with, but the fact that the drunken rambling present on this album has gotten a completely free pass and has even been praised for its "evil" atmosphere never ceases to make me raise an eyebrow. It's not as though I have a huge problem with Krisiun's vocals in general, either. Most of the kinks had been patched up by the next album and were pretty much completely absent by the time Conquerors of Armageddon rolled around. Why is it such an issue here? Sure, on Black Force Domain they often seem like an afterthought tacked on to serve as an obligatory diversion from the incessant blasting, but vocals have never been the main focus in death metal, much less in Krisiun. Sure, the timing in the verbal punctuation is really sloppy and all over the place, but the rest of the album isn't recorded to clinical perfection and maybe it just suits the twisted chaos they're attempting to convey. Sure, Alex Camargo sort of has a mid-range Sepulturian grunty growl that doesn't seem to have nearly as much anger or insanity in it as the rest of the music does, but I mean the guy's not inhuman. He shouldn't just be able to bellow a viking-esque roar in his normal speaking voice, especially not while he's delivering very dense, rhythmically complex vocal lines while simultaneously playing the bass. Sure, his voice sounds much more at home in the later, more death metal-oriented albums than it does on a release like this that blurs the line between death and black metal, but...fuck, I can't come up with any more justifications for this crap. His tone isn't that powerful, as the thin production makes it really strained and tinny at times. When he does vocal lines that have a lot of words in them he completely goes off-time (and the drummer flubs a blast every now and then, so it sounds like even more of a mess). It honestly sounds like he was just really drunk when he entered the studio and loudly shouted all of his lines into the mic without paying any attention to what was going on in the music playing behind him. Maybe for a lot of people that makes for a deranged, possessed vocal performance, but I personally think you can only achieve a vile atmosphere with unusual vocal patterns if you are on fucking point rhythmically. It sounds a lot more fucked up if you're spouting mangled, incoherent lines that somehow move in sync with the music than it does when vocals sound completely nonsensical. There is an order that maintains chaos, and chaos without order is inevitably just stupid random bullshit.

Were it not for the slobbering growls smeared all over the album (which are also, unfortunately, pretty high in the mix), this would probably be my favorite Krisiun album. It's got some really cool riffs and they throw enough into the melting pot so that the sound doesn't get stale by the end of the album, a flaw that many other Krisiun releases have. Unfortunately, with the vocals the way they are, I just can't bring myself to listen to Black Force Domain very often. What many have let slide on the basis of this being a raw, amateurish debut, I actively condemn because these drunk-ass bar threats that make up the vocals hold what could have been a real classic album back from reaching its full potential.

Fuckin' death - 94%

true_death, October 16th, 2013

This is a brutal album filled with blast beats, death growls, whirlwind solos, and thrashing riffs. And that is it. Usually, one will think of Krisiun as the band that sandwiches blasting brutality pooled from the school of Morbid Angel and Deicide between relentless stop-start breakdowns. On this album, the band was more or less a fusion of traditional old school death metal and the relentless, underground style known as "bestial" black metal. Not a single breakdown can be found anywhere on the album, and instead the listener is graced by some of the most intense music ever to call the "death metal" genre it's home.

With rough, shoddy production, sharp, razor-blade guitar, incredibly powerful death grunts, and drums that do not stop blasting for the entire CD's length, any fan of black/death metal is guaranteed to find something to love with this CD. That said...and I never thought I would say this...this album may actually be a bit (in the words of Morbid Angel) "too extreme" for some people. There is not a single moment on this album that the band lets up the intensity, and the entire concept of "breakdowns" and even "slow" or "groove-oriented" passages goes up in flames in favor of a merciless blast of fire and hatred that very few blackened death metal bands can touch. Every note is brought to it's utmost extreme: the solos are long-winded blasts of pure adrenaline and speed, the same can be said for the drums (his regular fills often last as much as 5 seconds). However, the amount of extremity also equals a certain amount of confusion as to which song is playing...I wouldn't say that they all sound the same, but some people might find this to be a repetitive album with some songs (but certainly not all songs). This album is actually painful to listen to at times, but it's still a damn fine album and is recommended to anyone who enjoys classic death metal and black metal. I recommend "Obsession by Evil Force" and "Sacrifice of the Unborn".

This record condemns you to hell, and more! - 94%

enigmatech, December 22nd, 2011

If you are good, honest, hard-working "Christian" soul, this release will no doubt fucking dissolve it, thus transforming you from a pious fundamentalist into a beast of a man, a mindless, killing machine sworn only to the arrival of Lucifer to overtake the throne of mankind...we don't want that. However, if you are a pure, blackened death metal freak such as myself, who takes nothing more from life than to be raped, gutted, and crushed by the most brutal riffs, pounding drums, and guttural growls, this release is your soul mate, because who needs "friends", intimate relationships, or human social interaction of any kind when you can just sit in your room, with all the lights off, and masturbate to Korean porn while blasting Krisiun's "Black Force Domain"? Not me! Let's get started!!

Unlike later albums, this album is a pretty good fusion of old school death metal, such as Morbid Angel and Vader, with fellow Brazilian bestial black metal bands such as Mystifier or early Sarcofago. In all honesty, matching the sheer relentlessness of this album is nearly impossible. I mean, listening to this album is like getting stepped on by fact, after this, I think I have a pretty good idea how God's treadmill feels. You'll be sore, broken, and bleeding...praying...pleading to sweet Satan for mercy from the relentless blast of brutality sweeping through your ears and mercilessly raping your dirty gore whore soul!! HAHAHAHA NO. Prepare to be raped again!!'s also fucking awesome.

I suppose what makes this album so fun, and brilliant, is something that in may cases, may be considered a fault. It's so over-the-top, so ridiculous, that it's genius, and helps these songs feel at the very least inhuman. Take for instance track five, "Evil Mastermind". This tune begins with a rapid, machine gun sounding bass drum, which leads into one of the most ridiculous drum solos I have ever heard. And, if you haven't already noticed, the song hasn't even really begun yet. This is just the intro. And, just so you know, Max Kolesne (the drummer on this record and all Krisiun albums) pretty much makes damn-near every drum fill he does feel like that (on this album, at least). Drummers like Pete Sandoval are quick and to the point with their fills...Kolesne prefers to draw them out for a more lasting effect. And I'll be damned if it doesn't adds so much to the frantic, and inhuman vibe this album possesses. Besides, it's not like he doesn't keep his time extremely well, he jumps from 5-second fill, to blast beat, over to thrash beat, through another 5-second fill...without even breaking a sweat ( sounds like that!). And before you ask, yes, he has a great, extremely organic sounding kit. There is no triggering, or sampling to be found here, just pure, unadulterated energy.

Another thing I love about this album are the solos. Moyses Kolesne (the guitar player on this album, and all Krisiun albums) has always been well-known for his lead guitar abilities, but on this album, he throws everything he has at the listener with little to no time for melody. However, he still manages to throw in lots of variety. For instance, we have the epic, mind-numbing solos of the chaotic opening track, "Black Force Domain", the annoying yet brilliant "high-pitched telephone ringing directly in your ear" single-guitar solo battle (which pretty much means he keeps on fucking soloing) of "Rejected to Perish Below", and the "this entire song is a fucking guitar solo" melodic interlude named "Infamous Glory" which is way better than any other interlude the band would ever do. However, the man certainly knows how to throw together a few notes and create some ass-kicking riffs as well. Just check out "Hunter of Souls", "Obsession by Evil Force", "Messiah of the Double Cross", "Meanest Evil"...etc. This album doesn't quite match up to some of the band's later albums as far as riffs are concerned (sadly, no "Sentenced Morning" on here...), but that's okay, as this isn't one of the band's most riff-centric albums (which no doubt would be fufilled on the next album, "Apocalyptic Revelation").

Alex Camargo (bassist and death growler for the band on this album and all Krisiun albums), supplies what may be one of the greatest performances of his career on "Black Force Domain". The sheer passion, energy, and anger in his voice is just unbelievable...also, he doesn't try any of those awful higher-pitched growls here (except for in the covers of Sodom's "Nuclear Winter" and Kreator's "Total Death", both of which are expertly done as well). I personally think he sounds best when he chants the title of the song. BLACK! FORCE! DOMAIN! BLACK! FORCE! DOMAIN!...SAC-RI-FICE!! OF THE UNBORN!!!...EVIL MASTERMIND!!! AN EVIL MASTERMIND!!!!! Okay, I'll stop. While not as obvious, his bass guitar also has a ridiculously thick, distorted tone that, while quiet, has a great tone which fits exceptionally well with the music (bands like Unleashed, Morbid Angel, etc, should learn from this!), though I can't help but wish it was louder!

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to this album. On one hand, the song-writing is often so extreme that it doesn't produce very memorable tunes (though they are all still great, so no worries), and the extremely raw production of this album no doubt leads many of it's riffs to be cast into oblivion...hopeless static overtop raging blast beats and evil death grunts...but so what? They obviously weren't centerpieces of the song...but still, a clearer guitar tone would have been nicer and no doubt helped songs like "Rejected to Perish Below" or "Blind Possession" become more thoroughly memorable. But oh well! You can't win them all! Finally, this album is often just too extreme for it's own good. While the whole thing is awesome, and no doubt one of...fuck it...and no doubt the best Krisiun album, the music is so raw, so extreme, so soul-crushingly brutal, that my wimpy ears can't always take this kind of relentless, boundaryless, gore-obsessed machine of human suffering weighing down upon them. Instead, I'll just pussy out and play one of the band's later, more varied works, such as the absolute war machine of an album known as "Southern Storm".

This is an absolutely essential album in the collection of all death metal fanatics. If you enjoy brutal, bestial black metal (or war metal) influences in your death metal, go buy this CD and never look back. The best songs are "Obsession by Evil Force", "Black Force Domain", and "Hunter of Souls". See you all in hell!

The Kolesne Assualt Force - 90%

Nephilum667, January 23rd, 2010

Hearing Works of Carnage a while back got me wondering- what else was in store for this incredibly fast, energetic, and relentless band. I come to check out this website and find out the band's debut was released in '95- so I go to a record store and special order it totally unaware of what I bought thinking it'd be a good gamble since the cover had a bleeding pentagram and four upside down crosses on it, along with the fact that I trust Brazilian metal to be above average (at least when comes to 90s releases).

I unwrap the CD, play it, and I hear this faded guitar intro turn into a riff followed by a bashing of kick-drums and then a storm of everything coming together. With the intro song "Black Force Domain" there's a mystifying atmosphere of how unorganized, chaotic, and nonstop this album was going to be. On this song is probably one of the fastest solos I've ever heard played for a solid minute and a half, well performed vocals by Alex Camargo, and out of this world drumming by Max Kolesne (does he know how to stop using his kick drums?).

The most fluent theme in this entire album, lyrically, is apocalypse through divine intervention of "the evil master" or large scale death and misery of mankind through plague and the "evil master's" power. A great example of this is in the song "Rejected to Perish Below" in the following verses

"The Human kingdom gets intercepted
assaulted by Master's cruelty
burial of nature
purgatory is here now
fire of a thousand suns
burning the existence
pounding the universe"

You can most certainly hear the Sarcofago influence on this record- but there is enough of their own element to call this "original work". The guitar sound is kind of tinny, yet has some beef to it- kind of like the demo days of Obituary. The drums sound full and loud (did I mention the kick drums?) and the bass is in the Will Rahmer style. It's a solid album and I'd put it in league with one of my favorite death metal albums of the 90s. For fans of relentless, basic-yet-technical, Brazilian death metal

The Brazilian Altars of Madness - 87%

melodyharmony, February 16th, 2009

As everybody knows, Altars of Madness is the most legendary death metal album of all time. Not a lot of bands can even come close to the evilness and greatness Morbid Angel had on that album. That one album spawned many imitators, and many bands failed where that album succeeded, and few bands could compete with the downright evilness of it. One of those few bands that competes with Morbid Angel is Krisiun, perhaps the best Brazilian death metal band ever. Take one of the best albums from one of the best Brazilian death metal bands ever and put it next to one the best death metal albums period - and you have a fair challenge.

The riffs on this album are pure death metal evil. The guitars on this album sound like they came straight out of the fiery depths of hell - as if the riffs were written by Satan himself. That's how evil the riffs on this album are. Twisted, relentlessly fast, terrifying, foreboding madness - that's how you could describe the sound of the guitars here. Krisun takes what Possessed did ten years earlier, and makes it even faster, even more evil, and even more crazy. And then comes the solos - the solos here are really something else. Perhaps some of the fastest, most insane, shredding solos ever recorded. The speed of the solos here is much faster than Slayer or even Dark Angel, and even Cryptic Slaughter. And these aren't short little pansy solos either - these are full length one minute plus solos, that will smash your skull in and send you towards hell. Imagine Slayer solos, but more refined, even more morbid, and even faster and crazier. Although they can also be a little slower and melodic, such as on the Testament-like Infamous Glory, an awesome two minute guitar solo.

Now just like the guitars, the drums are just as crazy. Pretty much every second of this album is filled with extremely fast blast beats or insane fills. The drumming here is certainly unrelenting - This guy never lets up. The intensity of the drumming here is certainly on par with most death metal bands, old and modern.

My understanding of death metal vocals is that either you have deep guttural growls like Cannibal Corpse or raspy evil ones like Morbid Angel. The vocals here straddle between those, while having a certain growling quality are still mildly understandable, and while not extremely low, work fine. Alex also plays bass at the same time, which happens to be pretty good, and syncs well with the guitars.

The lyrics are pretty stereotypical, focusing on nothing but Satan and evil - which of course works perfectly for the album, because it would be strange to have such evil riffs without evil lyrics to back it up.

If you want some satanic, evil, relentless, crazy death metal, than pick up Krisiun's Black Force Domain.

Brutal and Relentless - 98%

bastos666, March 12th, 2008

So, this is where the infamous Krisiun started their bloody campaign. One thing I must say, this album is not for the week minded, this stuff will pierce trough your heart and kill you. The production is very raw but that isn’t a bad thing at all because it gives the album a very underground and hellish feeling, precisely how Satanic Death Metal should be performed.

Stunningly, the lyrics of Black Force Domain are pretty cool and even “mature” since these guys were young and English is not their native tongue. Yes, the lyrics are great and VERY evil. The guitars riffs are excellent and the solos are great, they are executed in most perfect way with lots of taping and shredding and all that stuff.

Alex Camargo does is best vocal performance because is vocals are brutal but at the same time understandable. Not common in Brutal Death Metal. Finally, we have Max Kolesne?..oh my god?..this guy destroys his drums, I have never heard anything like this before. It’s just pissed off drumming; I cannot find words to describe this maniac performance in this album. It’s JUST BRUTAL!!

Now for the songs, all of them are really good but 4 of them must be considered highlights and classics. The title track for its memorable riff and chorus, “Evil mastermind” has an excellent drum solo (read Max part above in my review) and a great guitar solo (the chorus is cool too). ? “Obsession by Evil Force” is, I think, the shortest song on the album but it’s the fastest (really fuckin´ fast) and “Sacrifice of the Unborn” is a great closer and my personal favorite with blasting riffs and brilliant lyrics.

Overall, a very good album with some minor flaws and sometimes it can be a bit monotonous but that doesn’t matter. If you see it, buy it fast!!!!!

Victory or Death, The Glory from Black!! - 93%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 8th, 2007

This first Krisiun's album shows no mercy at all!! It’s a pure, fucking brutal attack. The music here is still a bit primordial in the sound but incredibly powerful. When I bought this CD I couldn’t imagine a thing like this…the drums blast beats, done by the great Max Kolesne, are the trademark of this work; they are neverending. Well, this is good, but after awhile it turns a bit monotonous…the impact is huge but the tempo changes are not present in the Krisiun’s skill.

The title track is incredible with his evil refrain and the great solos! Yes, these ones are amazing in every single song!! They are fast, long and not easy to be done at all: tremolos, slides, fast shreds…fucking good. The growls of Moyses Kolesne are fucking brutal, but you can here the words very well and also you can scream it to death.

The guitars are quite various in their parts but the drums are always on brutal blast beats. Every song has got a good refrain that can catch you with truly evil sounds and atmosphere. The only song that is a bit different from the others is “Infamous Glory”, with the sound of bells as intro to a long guitar solo, supported by a gloomy synth. The long, brutal drums intro to “Evil Masterminds” always makes me crazy…fast double kick and fast drums rolls that become part of the song.

The refrain of “Sacrifice Of The Unborn” is very good while Moyses growls are always more and more pissed off and brutal. The guitar solos on “Rejected To Perish Below” are full of tapping parts, shreds and so on…total madness.

All in all, a very good album but sometimes is too monotonous especially for the drums parts…surely a "Must" for every brutal death metal fan searching for pure violence, blast beats and zero melody. A good lesson also for those who are searching for the origin of groups like Rebaelliun (similar name, similar music style) and Horned God.

Ah, check out the solo and the structures on the title track and compared them to Rebaelliun’s “Annihilation” title track: the same thing… so, happy brutality! Enjoy it!