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There's Something Missing - 60%

duncang, April 1st, 2007

As brutal death metal goes, there isn't an awful lot of room to experiment, other than the famous examples of bands who use particular lead styles to break the mould (such as Nile), you're either low-end, fast and heavy, or you aren't brutal.

Really, Krisiun have never been the greatest of death metal bands, but there has always been massive promise from this three-piece, particularly from guitarist Moyses Kolesne. They have always had the real fist-pumping aggression and power that some DM bands seem to lack and AssassiNation is no different, but there's a certain new element that's been brought into play...

Before I go into depth about this release I'd like to note that AssassiNation is dedicated to the memory of Pantera guitar legend Dimebag Darrell Abbot and Vader drummer Krzysztof Raczkowski (aka 'Doc).

In opener Bloodcraft, there's a real distinctive sound which blends together the crushing rhythms and aggravated vocals of countrymen Sepultura and the lead mayhem of bands like Slayer and Vader. Of course, not all the lead guitar work is simply whammy bar rape, there are some very nice diminished licks and tremelo picked lines which add a little flavour to the admittedly bland bass and rhythm guitar.

Brutal death metal is a demanding genre for a drummer (I mean, look at Flo Mounier...) but the other Kolesne brother, Max, doesn't fail to impress, with tasteful, but plain old kickass use of his bass drums in conjunction with toms. This is the only area which hasn't seemingly succumbed to another new sound in Krisiun - the 'core'.

Listening to H.O.G (House Of God), you could definitely hire the vocalist from Job For A Cowboy to squeal like a pig over some of this. While they pull it off in rather brutal fashion, the rhythms do get very repetitive and, despite great distinct production, it can be hard to tell when a song will end because you can't remember when it started. Perhaps these three need to take some lessons from Meshuggah, learn how to chug like real men.

Remember I said there's something missing? Originality. This album is good fun for a brainless thug who headbangs furiously to death metal CDs he's found in his local CD retailer because he can't get a job, but if you've already encountered titans like Nile, Cryptopsy and Suffocation, there's many better albums to buy than AssassiNation.