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Ferocious as hell! - 77%

deathtoto, February 2nd, 2006

One usually associates Brazil with samba and barely clothed girls dancing on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian band Krisiun, however, proves this stereotype to be wrong. The straight, brutal Death Metal they play is light-years away from cheerful carnival music!

We can’t really say that Krisiun likes variability: All songs on “AssassiNation”, except the short instrumental Doomed, is played at high-speed and offer us a demonstration of how Brutal Death should sound like. Titles like Natural Genocide or Suicidal Savagery should give you an idea about what to expect.
The deathmetalized cover of Motörhead’s Sweet Revenge is a nice bonus and fun to listen to.

The production is excellent and emphasizes the great work of drummer Max Kolesne. If you like blast-beats and double-bass attacks you will be served...
The guitar riffs and the few solos brings in a ferocious want to headbang until your heads flies away...
Vocalist Alex Camargo also does a nice job with his powerful growls; nothing really special there, however.

The real problem on “AssassiNation” is the lack of originality of the release. So if you like really good violent Death Metal I warmly recommend you this release. Others may appreciate it for one or two listens...

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