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Introduction to Krisiun's power! - 80%

TormentusIncarnokh, April 28th, 2006

This is the first Krisiun album I have bought but I have quite a bit of experience with brutal death metal. This album is pure power and brutallity. I have to say that this album blew me off my feet.

The first track, 'Bloodcraft', starts with some really powerful drumbeats, and I am surprised the drumset hasn't broken yet. The drumming is also unique - something you wouldn't expect...much like the drumming of Kataklysm. The track has some really fast parts following the fury of the drums, and is quite on-off. Quite a good track, supremely brutal, but nothing really special here.

The second track, 'Natural Genocide', ...hmmm...sounds a little bit like the first, but also a great difference. What I heard was no-frills brutal death metal, and this is probably one of the best songs on the album. I thought the vocals were superb, and amazing. Alex Camargo is sure a superb vocalist.

The third track, 'Vicious wrath', is probably the second best song on the album, second to track 7, 'Suicidal Savagery'. It is very much brutal death metal, but these guys take it to the next level. Krisiun has probably set the standard for brutallity. There is great guitar work from Moyses Kolense, but hey, all three brothers are super-talented and their skill is seen throughout the album.

The forth track, 'Refusal', is the track I find quite standard of brutal death metal. Nothing wrong here, and as usual Krisiun are up to speed and brutallity.

The fifth track, 'H.O.G.' is the shortest in terms of lyrics, but the song itself is also nothing great, but still good nevertheless.

'Father's perversion'...track 6. Now that's an amazing track. It's probably the third best song, with complex guitarwork, amazing vocals, superb drumming, but with very depressing lyrics.

'Suicidal Savagery' is the track which shows the band members' talents. In my opinion, this is the best track. It has every aspect of brutal death metal, with a bit of groove. These guys can actually make brutal music groovy! They're more talented than I thought.

'Doomed' is one of the preludes, I expect. It is a short guitar-picking instrumental, which shows Moyses' other side - he is indeed a very talented guitarist. I would place him alongside Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.), Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Karl Sanders (Nile).

'United in Deception' is quite a's fast, furious and simply brutal. Only thing I gotta fret about is that the album has only one mood throughout. But at least it isn't some happy-killing mood like the stuff that Macabre make. Rather, its cold, brutal, angry and dark.

'Decimated' has some groove in it, but I would also count it as nothing really special.

'Summon' has some really great percussion work.

Overall, the album is superb - I would give it 80%. What prevents it from being 100% is that the songs all have the same pitch, which makes it hard to distinguish the tracks. And, Krisiun, like Nile and Malevolent Creation, add guitar solos into the mix. What do I love more than guitar solos in death metal! Well, go grab this album before it disappears off the shelf!