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Regressed to the Mediocre, but Still Good - 65%

Svartekrist, September 16th, 2011

With AssassiNation, Krisiun is once again at it, with it being an attempt at speed and brutality unlike any other. And they succeed. Or at least manage to be very fast and heavy. If you are looking for unconventional death metal, look away, this is not for you. But if you want simple minded, well, brainless death metal that does that job very good, then this is definitely for you. So what does AssassiNation offer in terms of music and composition?

The instrumentation! Well, the guitar is mostly chugging away at riffs we have all heard before, doing very little to impress. It does however add some flavor with the leads, though they as well could be perhaps more over the top, like the drums. And how about the drums? They are typical for Krisiun, fast and relentless blasting using just the most simplest rhythms possible, but it works and can be fairly entertaining. As for the bass guitar, it chugs away as it was a guitar, playing thick and dense riffs that add much velocity and volume to the music. These are very simple, but adds a nice deep and trembling feel to the music. And the vocals? Probably best described as harsh, deep singing. Not growling, maybe roaring would be better. They are easy to decipher, but can become repetitive after some time.

The mixing and production, both which are very good. Maybe a little too good in regards to the production. The album feels a little too clean for this type of music, but it is not bad, just a little excessive. As for songwriting, everything play out rather simple and predictable. But it is better to have simple, straight forward song structures than say, technically advanced but badly structured songs. Of course, some of the songs also fail in the regard of being simple, predictable yet good at being a straight forward assaults, sadly. Chemistry between the members is top notch though, everything is timed and perfected, making the three brothers come off more as ungodly machines with perfect timing, than human beings.

The problem with this album is really easy, it has been done before. By the same band. And that would be more than okay if they had really pushed the songwriting and instrumentation to a level beyond what they have done in the past. But sadly, they do not do so. Krisiun have somewhat regressed here. But within the confines of this album alone, it is far from an optimal representation of the band, but at least a decent one.

Stand-out tracks: Refusal, H.O.G (House of God), Natural Genocide.