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They are the Kings Of Killing! - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 20th, 2007

Krisiun’s second album follows more or less the same style of Black Force Domain in violence, speed and brutality. It was recorded more or less 3 years after their first effort and during this period of time the group has grown in technique, speed and songwriting. Here the songs are more complex, showing new riffs that later in the years would have been more and more complicated.

If their debut was still true fucking primordial, Apocalyptic Revelation is better balanced between technique and brutality. The production is far clearer and the band far less raw in their way of playing. Since the first track, "Creation’s Scourge" (that fades from the dark sound of explosions) you can hear the better production and the guitars lines, always fast and more technical . The drums are always some of the fastest ones in death metal. Blast beats with more tempo changes supported by the never stopped bass drum: a train.

Alex Camargo at vocals is always fucking brutal and evil. Sometimes he transforms the final parts of the growls in screams…simply great. The riffs are often quite catchy along with the good refrains. The solos are always high quality and here, with a better production, are easier to be appreciated. The thrashy beginning to "Kings Of Killing" song, followed by fast bass drum, shows no mercy for my poor neck.

"March Of The Black Hordes" is long “march” played by the drums, always fast, and the epic-obscure-violent guitar work. A perfect song to put to march on a black dominion. The drums intro to "Rites Of Defamation" shows no mercy at all and the guitar lines are always complex and brutal at the same time.

All in all, a true fucking Krisiun release, un pure brutal death style. One thing is for sure: you can recognise Krisiun’s releases among several others in this genre. They created their own death style and this is one of their highest demonstration: pure power and brutality.

excelent album, very fast - 80%

stotz, July 24th, 2004

if you like brutal death metal, increadible blast beatings, insane fast riffs and rough vocals, this is a great choice.
The brothers from the very south of brazil that are well-known by their perseverance and hard work since the beginning of their carrer, bring here such a brutal release, their first one with a good production they deserve.
the highlights of the album are of course, in the first place, the drums, fast as fukkin hell. max is really precise and brutal beating the poor drums.
i have to mention moyses either, what a great death metal guitar player. the riffs are brutal, but the soloing is what impresses the most. fast as hell and very technical.
Alex definitely shows the same capabilities than the others. great front man he is.
Theres is just one downpoint. all the songs just seem to be the same, aways following the same formula. blast beating all the way through and the riffs are very similar on every song either.
Therefore, the album is very good, but the best thing of krisiun is that the live performance is even better than the albuns, which is almost unbelievable.