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Ukrainian black metal warzone - 100%

ondspiritism, December 10th, 2012

Kriegshetzer, meaning 'warmonger', are a two piece black metal band with war themes hailing from Donetsk, Ukraine. They formed in 2009 and have since released a full-length, 'Panzer Vorwärts', released in 2011 by Darker than Black Records.

The first impression of this release is a gripping, startling one which demands immediate attention of the senses. The guitar riffs possess compelling and heavy tone. The melodies are fast and are rarely offer any kind of break. When it does slow down, it is nothing short of entrancing. The sound doesn't take the listener gently, no - it instead forces the listener into a battlefield. The drums remain uncompromisingly forceful and aggressive throughout the entire album; many blast beats and quite domineering. The beats are strong and maintain the attention of the listener and are certainly one of the main focal points of the music. The vocals are deep, assertive and even commanding - very appropriate for this particular style. The vocals aren't overloaded or drowned away overwhelmingly with effects which is unique because most of these bands add way too much reverb. These vocals remain very natural, alpha even - and it works. The bass remains consistent yet non intrusive and blends with the mix accordingly. There are some interesting bass lines which cause Kriegshetzer to stand out from most. You can tell this is actually an intended bass player, not just a guitar purist attempting to fill in because no one else was able. It is refreshing to hear some intriguing bass lines within black metal where typically the guitar receives all the attention.

All in all, this release is top notch for the Ukrainian black metal scene, not to mention war-themed black metal as a whole. The production is quality; all instruments are very clear and concise. It is well mixed and shows they obviously care about the condition of their music and take their work seriously. This album successfully teleports the listener into the cold heart of a battlefield, with or without their consent. This release will keep the listener wired for hours. Many war themed black metal bands all do the similar things, however Kriegshetzer possess a sound that sets them apart from the rest, one that makes them easily identifiable. Kriegshetzer are currently active and listeners eagerly await the next addition to their discography.