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Not bad, but Not necessarily good either. - 58%

WhenWolvesReturn, October 14th, 2004

I bought this from Redstream because I really like Krieg's other stuff. They're a very noisy black metal band and I think they don't get a lot of credit mostly because they're from the US.

USBM doesn't have to be bad, these guys prove that, but I wish they would have a bit more variation in the songs. The guitarist changes his riffs throughout, it's not all the same as I've seen stated in some reviews of Krieg's other work. That's not to say it doesn't mesh together, I will admit all the guitar parts sound pretty similar, but if you listen to the guitar parts in this and some guitar parts in early Darkthrone, you'll see a very similar sound, except, however, Krieg's production is much better than early darkthrone.

I think that's another thing that bothers people about this release and other Krieg albums, the production is really good for black metal.

The vocalist belts out some of the best screams I've ever heard, and it really impresses me how he can go on and on with it like I'm sure some other people can't. Not only is this a plus, but the band plays live (not a whole lot of black metal bands do that anymore.)

The drummer has a china cymbal and knows how to use it, I think that's great because china cymbals are the shit and it's used really well. The timing is GREAT in this. The band knows their songs really well, and it's just a hardcore droning throughout.

Absolute bottom line - considering it's 6.00 at Redstream, you should get it, but I wouldn't pay more than 6.00