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Dammit, I tried. - 34%

Spawn_of_Cthulhu, July 7th, 2005

The first time I heard this was on a shitty little clock radio, and it sounded terrible. Today I tried it again in my car speakers- it still sounded terrible. I'm listening to it right now on my computer's speakers, and guess what? It still sounds terrible. Not to knock the music- I'm pretty sure that if I could just hear what was going on, this would get at least a 50, maybe even a 60. But since I can't, well... eh.

It can't be a good thing when the first thing that strikes you about a cd is its utterly awful production. And I don't mean awful in a good way. I love raw production- when it's done right, it adds incalculable amounts of atmosphere to a recording. When it's done wrong, well, you have The Church. The (lack of) production here doesn't add atmosphere, it simply renders everything but the drums and vocals nearly inaudible.

What you can expect to hear on this album is a lot of standard BM screeching over drums that sound like someone hitting wooden blocks together. Sure, there's some faint buzzy static in the background, but unless you're prepared to do some serious fucking with the equalizer, there's no way you're going to hear anything even approximating a riff. They might be the best black metal riffs EVAR, but most people won't have the patience (or the system) to dig them up from under all the YEGGGHPLOKKAPLOKKAPLOKKA they're buried under.

In sum- this might have been promising, but it's totally ruined by the shittiest production job this side of France. If you're curious/masochistic, download it. Then kill all the low end and set everything to come out of one speaker- you MIGHT just hear some riffs.