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Mediocrity In The Form Of Krieg. - 40%

Perplexed_Sjel, September 12th, 2007

If mediocrity is your thing, you've come to the right place! Is it just me, or do Krieg forget to pay attention to the music they make? Sono Lo Scherno represents probably the worst of the Krieg albums, in my humble opinion. There's nothing I hate more than songs so short you cannot get a feel for them.

Krieg are masters at that here. Generally speaking songs are just over two minutes on average, which is poor. Before you have the chance to hear the music it's already finished. Each and every song seems to be a random selection of riffs piled on top of a random selection of drum beats over even more random noises! It's absolutely ridiculous. Krieg are the epitome of generic black metal.

It makes no sense that a band, which contains, or has contained members of some very talented black metal bands be this bad. The vocals are atrocious. To me they sound early Mayhem inspired, but vary a lot more. Deep growls are the main order of the day, and not very good growls at that. They're unusual, but that's in a bad way. There is a suggestion that this album is distinctly for fans of raw and hateful black metal, but I disagree.

The music has no direction. It's one aimless riff played over an odd selection of drum tempos, which is perhaps the most annoying part. Aside from the weird production which tends to vary depending on the song. At one stage it can be clean and then it tends to be fairly distorted, which is surprisingly easy to hear despite the furious beating of the pointless drums.

There is the odd moment where Krieg display some talent in terms of songwriting, musicianship and creativity. Some hypnotic slabs on ambience used to good affect when combined with some harsh sections. But generally speaking everything is out of place. Instruments appear to compete with one another, instead of playing in tangent. The vocals appear to be in competition also ... For the most annoying and pointless sound award.

Overall, Krieg have issued their worst album to date in the form of Sono Lo Scherno. I do suggest giving it a chance and if you can look past the amateurish drumming and lack of innovation, then you can obviously see something I am missing. I can vaguely remember enjoying Blackash Snowfall somewhat, but that is truly it.

USBM...Self-Explanatory - 35%

creepingdoom, June 4th, 2006

Well, I got this album because Krieg is from the US (German name though, Krieg = War). I was interested to listen to some USBM after the horrifying sound of Judas Iscariot. Krieg is actually not that good or that bad. The music is mediocre and generic. This album is not exactly generic like other USBM bands. This album is full of ordinary black metal, landscape sounds, ambiance and others noises/sounds.

The lay out of the album is really weird. There is ambience scattered everywhere in this album. I don't really like ambient music a lot and Kreig is no exception. The ambient songs along with all the other songs are very monotone. There is no atmosphere present or any feeling to the album. I just didn't find anything in "Sono Lo Scherno" that made me feel different from my current mood.

The guitars are actually quite horrible. The riffs? Holy shit, the guitars for the most part just become background noise. The riffs in general are nothing new to my ears. I have heard everything on this album before. The drumming is actually pretty good. USBM always seems to have good drumming excluding Judas Iscariot. The vocals are not special either. Same old stuff... There are some tortured screams and yells in the background of the album that sounded cool. I found the production to be varied. There are some very monotone and flat parts to album. Like I said before, there is ambiance. The ambiance is the only form of atmosphere. There are some noises thrown in this album but they sound really random.

For twelve songs, I found none of them to stand out. Most of them sound the same but some are accompanied with ambience and noises. I don't think anyone should get this album because really, it's a waste of money.

best Krieg release - 98%

Taliesin, October 31st, 2005

This album is a release of old tapes done in 1998 as a follow-up to the groundbreaking Rise of Imperial Hordes album, which put Krieg on the map alongside of Judas Iscariot as defining the sound of true US black metal. Nihilistic evil and equally inspired by Norse bands and Finnish bands like Beherit, it was a landmark. This album if it had been released in 1998 would have been considered a great successor. To me it is simply Krieg's best album and one of the best US black metal albums.
Why? It has a unique atmosphere that makes one feel the plague theme of this album, the suffocating sense of doom and pain, beautiful though also ugly. This music has ugly moments, and beautiful moments, most of all it is of a whole, each song is part of the puzzle that is left to the listener to listen to and discern what is going on. It is in fact very complex if you give it the time it deserves.
The production is raw and ugly, distorted beyond belief, but that is of course part of the charm. It was a grand day when this was released, for now we can see how Krieg went from Rise of the Imperial Hordes to Destruction Ritual. Also this beats out the lackluster Black House.

"Their weapons and their gods are useless..." - 94%

Black_Metal_Bastard, May 5th, 2005

Well here we have the "new" Krieg album, which is not new at all, but the complete version of what featured on the split with Kult ov Azazel. Recorded in 1998, and never released in its complete form until now, this album is a new favorite of mine.

With all of Krieg's works, you are treated to utter savagery and hypnotic blackness. This album is certainly no different. These songs are primitive, ruthless, and unforgiving in their delivery. The bad, but not awful, production only helps this. Tons of atmosphere is just oozing all over this album, from the eerie interludes to the creepy spoken word parts to the harsh black metal itself. This is definately art in its rawest form.

Krieg's music is not for everyone, especially those into pretty keyboard melodies and melodic guitar lines. There is no "pretty" music to be found here, only hateful and raw Black Metal. The drums play some pretty weird tempos and the guitars are usually just fuzzy power chords, but this is not a problem at all. This only makes this album that much better. Already it is weird, but in a good way, this album is something all its own.

Those familiar with the really old Krieg stuff (Black Plague, Rise of the Imperial Hordes, etc.) will find that this is along those lines in terms of sound and musical ability, but this is not a problem. THIS ONLY HELPS TO MAKE THIS ALBUM TRULY SPECIAL.

I myself love Rise... and the Black Plague is something very unique indeed. From the minute I heard these songs on the KoA split I knew I wanted to hear more. I am glad this has finally seen the light of day in its proper form. I hail Imperial and Battle Kommand for releasing this masterpiece of coldness.

"We were death on horseback. They called us the end of the world..."