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USBM...Self-Explanatory - 35%

creepingdoom, June 4th, 2006

Well, I got this album because Krieg is from the US (German name though, Krieg = War). I was interested to listen to some USBM after the horrifying sound of Judas Iscariot. Krieg is actually not that good or that bad. The music is mediocre and generic. This album is not exactly generic like other USBM bands. This album is full of ordinary black metal, landscape sounds, ambiance and others noises/sounds.

The lay out of the album is really weird. There is ambience scattered everywhere in this album. I don't really like ambient music a lot and Kreig is no exception. The ambient songs along with all the other songs are very monotone. There is no atmosphere present or any feeling to the album. I just didn't find anything in "Sono Lo Scherno" that made me feel different from my current mood.

The guitars are actually quite horrible. The riffs? Holy shit, the guitars for the most part just become background noise. The riffs in general are nothing new to my ears. I have heard everything on this album before. The drumming is actually pretty good. USBM always seems to have good drumming excluding Judas Iscariot. The vocals are not special either. Same old stuff... There are some tortured screams and yells in the background of the album that sounded cool. I found the production to be varied. There are some very monotone and flat parts to album. Like I said before, there is ambiance. The ambiance is the only form of atmosphere. There are some noises thrown in this album but they sound really random.

For twelve songs, I found none of them to stand out. Most of them sound the same but some are accompanied with ambience and noises. I don't think anyone should get this album because really, it's a waste of money.