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Krieg - Open Grave / Krieg - 75%

vorfeed, May 11th, 2004

Artist: Krieg/Open Grave
Album Title: Resistance is Futile
Label: Regimental

This is a split EP from Krieg and Open Grave, two American bands playing fast, furious raw black metal.

Krieg need no introduction; they're still one of the better American black metal bands, and they are in full effect on this EP. Their side of the split starts out with some industrial noise, and moves on into some minimalistic riffing and truly sick vocals. Quite an interesting song, and a good deal more direct than Krieg's earlier work. I'll be interested to see if the band takes this direction on other releases, as well.

Open Grave are relative newcomers to the scene, though their demo was a decent slab of early Burzum style raw black metal. You'll get more of the same on the EP - this band has nothing to do with keyboards, melody, or positive emotion, just pure buzzsaw black metal.

This split is recommended for those interested in checking out the current state of the American black metal scene, and of course for fans of both bands, and of raw black metal in general.

Review by Vorfeed: