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Insane.... - 90%

Symphony_Of_Terror, December 12th, 2004

Krieg is a band known for making the most insane, sick, and chaotic music possible. Fascinated with death and their listeners committing suicide, Patrick Bateman is a great experiment in pushing the limits of Krieg. People will listen to Krieg not for the structure, not for its darkness, not for how heavy it can be, because Krieg lacks all these features. What makes Patrick Bateman desirable is that its quite possibly the most sick, insane, chaotic and devastating Krieg release out their, making it in a class of its own.

Patrick Bateman isn’t much of an Mcd/ep, only two songs and three other tracks of spoken word from the movie American Physco. Patrick Bateman is a psychotic character, one who feels no emotion but that of disgust driving him to kill, he is insane, and that is the goal of Patrick Bateman by Krieg, to musically capture the insanity of a psychopath murderer. Each of the two songs on this album (II and IV, non are named), come after some disturbing spoken word that will probably make you feel better about yourself. The spoken word of Patrick Bateman is a perfect precursor to the songs on this ep, they set up an atmosphere of insanity and sickness, which is exactly the best way to describe the music on this ep. Lord Imperial and company are producing the sickest music possible here. The guitars are relentless, inaudible for the most part, and ever constant to create a sense of non stop insanity. This is a very effective way to create an atmosphere of insanity. The atmosphere is also further augmented by pounding, devastating, and chaotic drums, ones with loose structure, but enough to keep it from sounding like noise. What really makes Patrick Bateman shine is the vocals. Lord Imperial seems to be stretching the limits of his vocal ability (or for any humans) by making them as loud, harsh, and screeching as possible. Lord Imperial is screeching and yelling as loud and harsh as possible. Everything sung is beyond comprehension, this of course is what makes Patrick Bateman work. The goal of these songs is to create the most devastating, nonstop, relentless, chaotic, and insane music possible. That is certainly what Patrick Bateman does, it perfectly creates this insane music without having it fall into the category of noise.

If Patrick Bateman were a full length album, it would be a horrible release for a simple reason. Not because the music is bad (well the music isn’t so great, but the atmosphere created is amazing), its because the two songs on this album don’t offer anything different from one another. What is taken out of II as enjoyable can be taken out of IV as enjoyable. If this were a full length release, no one would be able to take it, the songs would all be the same and it would just be to much of an assault. So with Patrick Bateman being an Ep, is a perfect addition to the Krieg library, a perfect and successful experiment. The only flaw is that the music could have been a little more structured to enhance replay, for there are no real memorable moments on this release, just music to be played all the way through, start to finish. I recommend this to all Krieg fans and anyone who likes their music loud and insane.