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May you all get into horrible automobile accidents - 84%

Symphony_Of_Terror, October 16th, 2004

Recorded on Krieg’s five day invasion of Europe for American Black Metal, recorded on day four….this live album is to be used as a tool for your self initiated fatality. That is what is stated on this album, and that is what Krieg intends to do. Krieg is a band that is known for its destructive aggression, pounding drums, harsh vocals, and overall brutality. Capturing the “machine” or as Lord Imperial call is “the terror of” Krieg is a challenge. Krieg’s studio albums, although not the most polished, still have the put together worked feel to them as if they were produced for the listeners. This is how black metal albums should be, not polished, but produced well enough for the complex and brutal riffs to be heard, the pounding aggressive drums to be showcased, the harsh vocals to become powerful. A live album is different. For the type of music a band like Krieg plays, a live recording for them is perfect. In Kill Yourself and Someone You Love, Krieg at its most brutal and aggressive is captured. Its brutal, raw, aggressive, harsh, relentless, and one damn good recording.

The album starts out with a very creepy foreboding guitar screech witch is dragged out for a minute or so and has some variations in it, offering great opening atmosphere. To be at this show and to actually feel the intro atmosphere must have been amazing. That’s how well its captured on this live recording. The rest of the album is relentless Krieg. Nonstop pounding drums and rolling aggressive riffs from the guitars make this album raw, heavy, and sick. Tracks like Blackash Snowfall and End Of Time show this off very well. This album also features some excruciating harsh vocals, almost as if Lord Imperial was in pain during this recording. End of Time and Great Black Death have some of those great vocal moments. Lord Imperial also has some great things to say between tracks, either introducing the song or dedicated a set to someone, he has hatred and anger in his voice, which is great for a live environment. The speed on this album is also amazing, this band plays incredibly fast live, and very well. All these elements and qualities can be found through out all seven songs on Kill Yourself and Someone You Love, making it very listenable to start to finish.

The only down side to this album is its length…its just around twenty four minutes so it can seem over before it ever started…but the experience listening to this album still lingers in you. It has great replay value, easily listenable to for more than once in a row. One of the best features of this album is that it’s a raw recording of Krieg with no audio enhancement and no microphones were placed into the crowd. Only the raw terror of Krieg is captured, the machine that they are performing together to produce this raw black metal experience. This album is relentless all the way through, the raw brutality of the instruments and harsh singing don’t stop once. This is a great live recording for anyone who likes raw American Black Metal. It would have gotten a higher score if it were longer, but its not like Krieg could have played longer.

Rawwwww.... - 81%

Snxke, July 6th, 2004

This live set from the ever intimidating Krieg works well despite it's imperfect sound quality. The silly stage rants may leave a little to be desired, but the infernal performance does not. The band chose the right songs to play, and the production rides along the lines of Mayhem's first official live release. Krieg blast along unrelentingly, but they create a better mood than most of the Darkthrone clones could even begin to capture. (Most of this of course, is due to the superior vocal presence.) Krieg are raw, unrelenting and somewhat static...but somehow capture a certain feel on this record that few could have.

Compared to the studio versions these songs breath with more life than ever before. I sometimes play this before I'll play any of their comparatively dull studio works. The band really live/explode with this material in the concert setting and it shows in the larger fills, the cavern-sized breakdowns and the howling discontent in the vocals. This makes me wish I had been in Germany to see these bastards do the dirty deed in person.

Few black metal live records deliver the goods...this one does. Filthy, raw, violent, intense and amazing - nobody dare deny that it casts a certain spell over the listener. Normally I don't even like this form of black metal, but Krieg rise above the masses by slamming through a set of tracks designed to crush the cross and blow your face off.