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May This Be Your Final Breath... - 90%

Gortician, October 12th, 2005

Before I purchased this I was not too familiar with Krieg. I do own "The Church", but I rarely listen to it. I didn't find that there was alot on that album that made me want to pull it out of my other 700+ CD's to listen to it too often. So I was curious to know whether their other releases were of better quality. I am pleased to say that the material found here is absolutely fantastic, far from the noisy, shrill BM that I found on "The Church". The music seems more focused, not as chaotic. The vocals are between a death metal roar and a black metal shriek, hard to describe and sound like no other. On track 4, "Dance of Pills and Razors" they are a total death metal growl, not like a typical Cannibal Corpse singer but more evil, full of hatred and scorn for humanity. There are moments that are almost "ambient", a few track are devoted to this entirely, with very eerie music, played with instruments that sound unfamiliar to me, with painful screams of agony wailing in the distance. This is by far the best Krieg material I have heard so far.
Morte Incandescente's half is equally as good, alot more chaotic and schizoprenic than their "Your Funeral..." album. Their music seems to revolve around the slightly rocky axis of Old Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest, though as I mentioned, far crazier. "Eterna Augustia" is seriously one of the best and most violent Black metal songs in existence, one would be forgiven for thinking that these guys suffer a severe mental condition...this song is INSANE!.
Overall, this is one of the better Black Metal splits in existence. I urge all fans of this genre to search this out.

Raging blackness - 90%

AvtoKrissy04, August 12th, 2004

Krieg continues it's wrath on this split with MI, and is definitely the better band on here. Krieg's hymns continue along the chaos of the /Black House/ only this time using a somewhat different, thin production and more mid-paced songs, but don't worry, the blasting is still here, and still Krieg. Through out the tracks lies this creepy, low-shrieking, ambient-like sound and adds to the overall violent feeling. Vocals are still Imperial, through and through: quality as ever. Fans of the /Black house/ and you damn well better be! (hehe) -- don't hesitate on picking this one up.

MI: Is a band I'm totally new to, as far as I know they have done one full length and a demo or so -- They sound like they're trying to keep the old-schooled blackmetal sound alive and add a bit of their own sound into the mix, the result is modern, raw hate-filled black metal done right.