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And let us talk about comebacks.... - 97%

extremesymphony, June 19th, 2012

And let us talk about comebacks. This has been a fairly speculated topic in thrash world since the dawn of the last decade when the world has seen a sudden resurgence in thrash metal music. Albums like Destruction's Antichrist, Mekong Delta's Lurking Fear, Sodom's M16, Overkill's Ironbound have made a great topic for discussion with many interesting views from lovers and detractors alike. Say what you will, none of the above mentioned records manage to capture the full glory of the band in the days their fans worship them for, a thing which is achived by Kreator's thirteenth full length record, Phantom Antichrist. Yes gentlemen, this record does really surpass everything Kreator has put out so far (save for maybe Coma Of Souls) and brings forth a vicious ride of neck snapping thrash metal from the masters we have come to love and worship.

As always Kreator does not loosen the grip technically. Mille Petrozza and Sami are monstrous with the guitars churning out riff after riff with the same energy as they bring forth with every record. The riffs are constructed brilliantly and executed perfectly. The lead work goes even more melodic than what it was with the last record. No; don't in any case bring that scorn upon your face. The melodies are matured and set up an aggressive tone for the songs instead of making them radiofriendly. Jurgen Reil's drum work is amazing as ever and not many drummers in the business today can rival his skills behind the kit. The production is heavy, giving a nice crunchy sound to the rhythm guitar and balancing all the instruments very well.

This album takes things down the standard Kreator road with all the usual milestones. Phantom Antichrist is a beast of a record with short, straight to the point catchy songs as was the case with the rest of their catalog. The changes we experience in this record are the choruses. The choruses are simplified to the point that many of them might feel just at home on a Blind Guardian record; not a bad thing at all I might add. Another very big positive about this album is high caliber of songwriting. The album encompases this band's years extremely well; right from their bare beginings of Endless Pain, to their glory days of Coma Of Souls and their experimental years of Renewal which makes this album sound fresh and lively instead of living on a recyled glory of some lost era. The sound of this album is that of matured men who know their games perfectly. Kreator manage a perfect variety in the record ensuring that the record does not becoming too boring and sound all over the same. The pace changes in the record are superb, making the record mildly progressive. Yes folks even with the catchy choruses the album manages to be quite a complex affair throughout; and that is the beauty of the record.

This record with its high consistency, quality of music, sharp and sensible lyrics encompasses thrash metal music in all its glory and is sure to put up a satisfactory smile across the faces of every fan of thrash metal music. This album is recomended for every person listening to heavy metal music and do beleive me it is that one hell of a ride you would never wish would stop.