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Interesting Evolution - 90%

Roffle_the_Thrashard, January 29th, 2015

Commercialization of the music industry has left the market full of music with shallow lyrical themes, ridiculously slick production, to much electronic arts, and an overall vibe that says "Buy me please! It's part of the trend! I'll disappear from the mainstream in a few months!"

However, Kreator's "Phantom Antichrist" is exactly what a modern metal album should sound like. Production good enough to make the band sound larger than life, but still in the realm of human capability. The lyrics have a misanthropic and rebellious attitude and the songs themselves are all unique, not one song sounds like filler. It's worth every penny. I heard many other bands on this record as well. I heard some Exodus on the verses of "Your Heaven, My Hell" and some Slayer throughout "Death to the World." Yet the riffs and beats still seemed refreshingly original.

One of the main reason's why I've listened to Kreator over the years is the guitar work. As soon as I heard Sami Yli-Sirnio's solo on the title track, I new I had spent $9.99 correctly. And the dropping of my jaw didn't stop there. The balance of wails, trills, sweeping tremolo picking, and precise harmonization was more than I asked for in the most pleasant of ways. The best solos are on tracks "From Flood to Fire" and "Civilization Collapse." Mille Petrozza just keeps getting better and better as his fellow heavy metal front men get mellower and add some hired guns to add some beef to their sound. Petrozza is a timeless staple of the world-wide metal community. He seems to be ageless. This album showcases his prowess and authority over how to play what you want and make a career of it.

One thing that was a bit of a drag on this record was the subject matter. Songs like "Phantom Antichrist", "Death to the World", and "Until Our Paths Cross Again" all had very different lyrical subjects/messages that made them perfect for singles. Other songs' themes didn't do to well in that category.

"We are Legion
We are Legion united in Hate"

Are you, the listener, feeling the message of "Revolution?" I sure am. And it has kind of gotten old. Maybe it was the "Violent Revolution" album that had already given me that message. These kind of lyrics can be found in "Victory Will Come", "From Flood Into Fire", "Civilization Collapse" and various other songs on this album. Kreator lyrics have always been evolving, but this time I think that Petrozza and his fellows hit a bit of a dead end with the lyrical content on this release.

Check out "Phantom Antichrist", "Civilization Collapse", "From Flood Into Fire" and "Death to the World" before you listen to the album. If you like those tracks, then you just struck gold. I sure did. Kreator wird sich durchsetzen!