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A phantom scouring across the land - 88%

extremesymphony, May 3rd, 2012

The masters of thrash riffs return with yet another mighty track to add to their already illustrious catalog. This single shows Kreator taking things in safe waters and using their tried and tested formulas, but executing it a masterful and refreshing way.

This single is basically what you expect and what you have received from Kreator over the years. It is still all the same; ballsy, catchy riffs that grab you by the throats, face melting leads, insanely catchy choruses. Though many of the fans have grabbed the underlying Kreator formula and feel that they need something more adventurous and new, this single still manages to be enjoyable as their tracks in their prime. Kreator always had a gift of writing simple and effective choruses that would remain stuck up in your head since the first listen and here we have no exception. The chorus is anthemic like a Blind Guardian with touches of People Of The Lie and Hidden Dictator all over and you will find yourself humming to it after the first listen itself. Years have not made Mille Petrozza any slouch with the guitar and here he proves just that with his supremely crafted riffs and intricate melodies. Pace changes are once good which keep the song interesting and bring to mind the glory days of Hidden Dictator and Material World Paranoia.

The single comes with a cover of Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast, a cover that completely blows the original out of the water. Though sounding very similar to the original, this one is quite heavier, and for once Petrozza completely outclasses Dickinson in his own game. Where the song sounded like a rock and roll party anthem with Dickinson, Petrozza's screams give it a dark, wicked feel that the original should actually have had.

Concluding Kreator remains one of the very few bands whom you can trust blindly and with this single they prove their status as one of the best in the business.

Kreator strikes again - 90%

kolar999, April 26th, 2012

Kreator is one of those thrash bands still keeping thrash alive after all these years. This time they strike with a new single, "Phantom Antichrist", and a cover song of Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast".

"Phantom Antichrist" is a straight Kreator song with a lot of aggressive riffs. The song goes hard all the time. The drums and guitar are brutal, yet creative. Melodies are changing all the time, which in my opinion is a good thing. The single also includes a demo version of the song. The other song is Maiden's "The Number of the Beast". The song is a good cover, yet it just doesn't give you the feeling of the original song. It's heavier than original with a awesome solo performance.

Kreator proves once more what they are capable of. This is what thrash is all about.