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Ehhhhh - 54%

UltraBoris, December 28th, 2003

This is not the Kreator I know and love... I have seen Kreator before (10/25/03) and when I saw them, they were completely much more impressive than on this recording, which is from early 1990. Since the band's attitude is fundamentally similar during both of those times (this isn't Suckorama Tour we're talking about here), we're left to wonder quite what has gone wrong. First off, the recording is very tame-sounding. This especially comes across on the stuff from the first two albums.

For example... Riot of Violence is made into a fun song. Which is actually not a heinous crime, since it's a well-executed fun song, but that main blaster riff (the one under the first verse) just comes off as ordinary thrash. Then, Pleasure to Kill is just really sloppy and incoherent and I can barely hear the riffs at all. Also, Mille sounds rather out-of-breath and loses the snarl for a bit. "Under the Guillotine" has some really bad gang choruses, as does "Tormentor".

That said, the stuff from the later two albums (this is from Extreme Aggression tour) comes off pretty decent. The guitar tone is in line with Extreme Aggression, and songs like "Betrayer" and "Some Pain Will Last" work well.

But the thing is - if this had been my introduction to Riot of Violence, things would've not turned out nearly as well. Kreator are far better than this live.