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Kreator live… what did you expect - 89%

sepultribe, July 23rd, 2005

You can get a pretty good idea of what you’re in store for with a glance at the DVD cover, which has the Kreator Coma of Souls guy slicing the heads off of attacking demons. Which is kickass German thrash metal. This, being released at the same time as the double live album, has the same performances as Live Kreation with the exception of the closer Flag of Hate/Tormentor (those being from the With Full Force Festival). Not all of the songs from the live album are on the video but those are made up for with all of the DVD’s special features.

The sound is fucking awesome and the footage is great. Mille plays away fiercely on stage and knows how to get the crowds feeling “aggressive.” The crowds in Korea respond surprisingly well, singing along enthusiastically. Ventor bangs away furiously and even takes over vocal duties (Allright Busan!!!!) for Riot of Violence. The only person that I had a problem with was Sami Yli, not because his playing wasn’t good it was just that he had no stage presence. While Mille is headbanging like crazy he just kind of stands there looking bored. But that hardly takes away from the concert. The new shit is played really well. A definite highlight is the great version of Lost, which I originally thought of as just another shitty 90’s Kreator song.

Between songs they show different clips of the Violent Revolution tour with some appearances by Sodom, Eric from Testament, Gene Hoglan, Paulo from Sepultura, Snake from Voivod and a bunch of other people. One of the best parts of the DVD is the history section which is a little documentary about the band with all of there videos (without Coma of Souls). It has some cool interviews and shit in German so you’ll need to put on the subtitles during this section. This is really cool and also lets you see the sad decline from Toxic fucking Trace to Endorama. Other special features are the usual discography which has pretty much everything Kreator has ever done, a small “making of Live Kreation” thing, and a slide show.

The only thing I guess I could complain about is that they could have replaced Servant in Heaven or something with Under the Guillotine or Awakening of the Gods for the DVD. And that the in between fan footage can get annoying. Oh wait a second you can choose to watch the concert by itself without that crap. Nevermind.
Highlight performances: Betrayer, Flag of Hate, Terrible Certainty, and… Terrorzone = Fucking YES.