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Very good...with a few exceptions - 86%

ThePiercedSpirit, July 12th, 2003

Just to let you know...I am reviewing the version that comes with the 2 CD and DVD...although I am just going to review the DVD right now...I haven't actually listened to the CD yet anyways.

This is Kreator's first live CD and DVD...and it is a very good DVD really, but I have one major complaint. Thrash is a raw form of Metal right?? It should sound intense..and mainlybe unpolished (or raw). Well, the footage of the live performances on this DVD are not very raw. The footage is very edited...tons of screen shots going on, tons of camera effects (black & white, negative color stuff, etc.). For me this just takes away from the live feel of the seems more like a movie than live footage...and I don't like that. The only other complaint I have...and this tends to happen with a lot of music that you can just barely hear Mille's at times it sounds quite when he is soloing or playing a solo rhythm...or is playing a riff by in Terrible Certainty. Other than this...the performance is quite fucking good...especially the new material and the last like five songs. Even the material from Renewal, Cause for Conflict, etc. are good. Actually, I'm beginning to think Cause for Conflict and Renewal are probably pretty good.

This DVD has some cool fucking features that give it a better rating for me also. First off...during the live concert footage they show clips from people around the world where they toured that includes tons of Metal band members such as Messiah Marcolin, Snake, Tobias Sammet, Eric Peterson, Marduk, Moonspell, among others. Secondly, there is a cool fucking history of the band that is pretty informative and has some awesome fucking clips of Kreator playing when they were Tormentor...some cool interview just has a bunch of cool fucking clips and information. The other great thing is that they have all the videos that Kreator has even made...of course there are some stinkers like Chosen Few...but its fucking cool to have them all on here.

All and all...this is a great thing to own for any fan of Kreator...and is a good introduction to the band even. Get the limited box set edition with the CDs and DVD if you can...its awesome. KREATOR!!!!! \m/