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Sad - 63%

shantanupatni1991, January 24th, 2009

I got it as soon as it came out without thinking twice. But before I heard it, some of my musically trusted friends said it just wasn’t good. It was a little hard to believe since their last two albums had been amazing, and also because Mille said that the production is going to be similar to Pleasure to Kill.

Now I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it

a) The horrible mixing – The drums and vocals are way louder than they should be. This is a problem I see with quite a few albums these days. It’s unfortunate that this is thrash we’re talking about, where production can ruin the best material and at the same time has to power to make the most generic stuff sound skull crushing.

b) The pathetic vocal lines and the change in technique – Just when you thought that the production was the only thing that made it sound metalcorish, the vocal lines come in. They are somewhat deeper throated compared to his signature harsh style and unfortunately land somewhere near the kind of vocals a typical -core band would have. I don’t know if this was on purpose, ‘cause then even if it wasn’t, I must say Mille is showing signs of aging. They somehow blend with the music in such a way that you get that picture of Korn in your head.

Now coming to why they don’t deserve a complete thumps down.

The riffing and soloing are perfectly fine, far from bad, in fact catchy and memorable. Musically speaking, this would be definitely one of the best works Kreator has done. The number of riffs is more and quality & consistency is high as well. Not for one second will you feel that they are forcing/pushing it just to sound cool/complex, everything is perfectly in place. And lyrically too, there are no flaws.

I don’t want to name any strong or weak tracks because my response to all of them was almost the same. After a minute into each song I was like, “Oh come on, does the name Kreator mean nothing to you?” but just 30 seconds later they’d come up with an impressive interlude which would make me take my words back. Though if I really had to, I think the title track & Demon Prince are the best, and Amok Run & To The Afterborn are the worst.

It’ll be safe to say that this a case where the band tried it’s best but something just went wrong. The album is worth listening to about twice or maximum thrice, not more than that.