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Me like! Throwing away even more excessive baggage - 83%

morbert, February 18th, 2009

Kreator were a thrash band once and have become one again for three albums in a row now. I especially liked Violent Revolution because of the quality but even more the surprise to hear them returning to their roots. Yet there was something about Enemy Of God which made that album decent instead of good. When finally hearing ‘Hordes of Chaos’ it’s now clear what I actually didn’t like about EOG. The sterile production! And of course non-thrash metal songs like ‘Dystopia’.

EOG, despite having a handful of great tunes (Suicide Terrorist ruled!), was just a bit too modern for me. Not as much as those modern 21st century pedantic over-produced Exodus records or Testament’s attempts at becoming more melodic and including death metal ideas at the same time (fail!). And I’m not stating I never like ‘modern’ things. I’m just having difficulties with icons from my youth throwing overboard what made them famous in the first place. Kreator however have more credit than your average US band. Don’t ask me why… The benefit of the doubt. Never liked Outcast though and Endorama was cute but nothing special.

Anyway, of the last three albums ‘Hordes Of Chaos’ is the most old-school one compositionally. And this time the production follows the music. It’s not as ancient as Terrible Certainty but it does build a bridge between the polished sound of Coma Of Souls and the sharp, clear and dry approach of Extreme Aggression. And this mixture is exactly what the music needs.

The opening title track is a typical fast Kreator song but it’s second song ‘Warcurse’ which is an even better thrasher. This is an instant classic and I do hope the band will play this song till their very last day! And let’s not forget Kreator were one of the few ancient thrash metal bands who could also write good midpaced pounders (remember People Of The Lie and Some Pain Will Last?). This time it’s ‘Destroy What Destroys You’ which shows their strength. The thrash metal beauty of closing song ‘Demon Prince’ even brings ‘Fatal Energy’ to mind.

There is something however about this album I must mention. At first listen I found it too predictable! I heard it and thought “yeah, well, another typical Kreator album and you can almost predict each break and tempo change”. But somehow it grew one me. Each time I listened to it. Until I knew the songs by heart. And by now I can’t imagine my Kreator without it. So take your time with this one. It needs time to grow.

I know I must be sounding like a fanboy but this is one of the few new albums from an old band which I actually like and play regularly. It’s not another Terrible Certainty, Coma Of Souls nor even remotely close to the masterpiece ‘Extreme Aggression’ but it sure as hell is one of their best albums since Renewal!