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Kreator Still Have It - 94%

ict1523, January 24th, 2009

I have been waiting for this album for years. Even though "Enemy of God" wasn't a purely thrash metal album, it was very well written and catchy as hell, as I still find myself listening to the album without any boredom. After that album I couldn't wait for the next one. "Hordes of Chaos" is a bit different from the last two albums, but not in a bad way. I have heard a lot of negative reviews about this album already, but I honestly do not see much of those negative criticisms as being valid. Whether in two years I will find this album as catchy as "Enemy of God" is still a question to be answered, but this is a very good album and probably will be one of the best in 2009.

There are several things different on this album and they namely include the vocals and production. The production is weaker allowing for a more raw sound, but this is a good thing. It reminds me more of old Kreator and the production isn't bad enough for it to be an annoyance or a negative. Mille's vocals also sound more raw, but that is because they were recorded live and not much was done to enhance them. I like this as it makes Mille sound more natural. This album is also thrashier than the last two. There are still melodic periods but overall it does sound heavier. People have said that this album just doesn't sound as angry anymore but I disagree. Obviously at times, like the chorus of "Radical Resistance", Mille doesn't exactly sound too convincing with the "People from the east, People from the west" line, but if you can tell me with a straight face that the main riff after the intro to "Demon Prince", the main riff of "Warcurse", and "Absolute Misanthropy" don't sound evil/angry you're a lost cause.

The other thing this album really excels at is the solos. "Enemy of God" had some good solos, but the soloing in "Demon Prince", "Warcurse", "To The Afterborn", and the title track "Hordes of Chaos" is absolutely epic. A lot of the solos are melodic, but the melodies soar high and low and are unbelievably addicting. The first solo in "Demon Prince" is definitely the best one, and while it is short, you'll find yourself going back to the song over and over again for that brief solo.

Overall this is an excellent album and I can't wait to see Kreator play some of these songs live. And while I'm still listening to this album non-stop I'm already looking forward to the next one. The album isn't perfect, but it is still one worth buying and listening to.