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tired, dull and annoying - 25%

gk, January 27th, 2009

Kreator supposedly had a bit of a resurrection in 2001 with Violent Revolution and the subsequent Enemy of God. Truth be told, both those albums left me cold. The band seemed to be rehashing past glories with some very calculated “modern” elements creeping into their sound and were being fellated by critics and fans alike. Well, this month will see the band release its 12th album in close to twenty five years of existence and unfortunately things are not looking too good (or are looking great depending on which side of the fence you’re on).

Hordes of Chaos basically has a formula and sticks to it. There’s a melodic guitar line, there’s one kickass thrash groove in just about every song, there’s a chugga-chugga Lamb of God/ God Forbid type American metal core section for the mosh pits and there’s the sing-a-long chorus that I’m sure will be a big hit when these songs are played live. That’s the formula with every song on this album. Now, please bear in mind that the kickass riffs sound like they came off Coma of Souls, so your appreciation of those riffs will depend entirely on how much you like Coma of Souls.

I’d pick out stand out tracks but there really aren’t any. Every time the band sounds like they’ve locked in tight to a kickass groove and going for the kill, the momentum is ruined by a melodic guitar line or one of those chugga-chugga grooves or even worse, a Gothenburg type saccharine sweet riff. Also, Mille’s vocal lines get irritating very quickly. There’s a retarded repetition of words that threatens to rival Blaze in Maiden’s Virtual XI. The solos when they do happen are generic modern thrash solos and nothing to write home about. Amok Run is the mandatory ballad like melodic song that’s also a bit more embarrassing than anything the band did on Endorama although it is the bog standard Destroy What Destroys You that sees the band dropping IQ all the way down to sub-sub-basement with another retarded easy to remember chorus made up of the title repeated over and over.

The demography that this is aimed at will in all probability love it. There are enough popular metal touches on this album for it to become a favourite among anybody who’s first taste of the band was Violent Revolution. It might even appeal to older fans of the band but I’m not sure why or how that will happen. As it stands, this is an album that simply did not appeal to me.

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