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Everyne against everyone - 85%

extremesymphony, January 14th, 2011

Kreator does it again. Hordes Of Chaos is a raw, angry typical Kreator record full of heavy riffs, face melting solos, powerful and technical drumming. The album is recorded live in studio, first time for Kreator since Pleasure To Kill. This has caused many longtime fans to expect an album of the Pleasure To Kill caliber and they tend to be dissapointed.

It has been 21 years since Kreator recorded Pleasure To Kill and since then there has been many changes in the band's music, and their ideas. Many of the ideas and changes like their experimentation with Gothic music in the 90s is reflected in this album. This album merges many of the melodic experiments of Kreator with their traditional face shattering thrash. I might not hesitate to add that this is their most melodic record till date. But do not imagine an In Flames or Arch Enemy here. Kreator uses the melodic approach to create an angry, extreme and tense atmosphere which has been absent in the band's music since 1990. Melodic is not equal to evil on this album.

Technically this album is just fantastic. The guitar work, both riff and lead work is just spot on. No where in the realm of thrash does there exist any guitarist better than Mille Petrozza, and on this album he proves just why. The drumming is just fantastic. This is the best performance by Ventor so far & on this album he truly becomes drumming legend. Again considering that this album was recorded live, I don't think that many bands will come out to challenge these guys technically. The production is a kind of let down. The rhythm guitar could be more crunchier, but still it gives the album a required raw feel.

The consistency fo the album is fairly good. kreator keeps a good ariety in the songs like straight forward thrashers, mid paced numbers, and more complex multi-sectioned songs. the main highlight is the quality of songwriting which is very high and successfully merges the raw, brutal, in your face thrash with the more melodic elements. The album is strong in it's share of highlights like the highly catchy, multi-sectioned title track or the high-speed straight forward basher Warcurse, or the more experimental Amok Run. Similarly there are a few mishits as well. Demon Prince doesn't quite stand out and we would have expected a much better end to the album, To The Afterborn isn't quite inspiring as well. The lyrics of the album are some of the angriest by Kreator and match the tone of the album perfectly.

This album is a huge over the last two albums which according to me were both competent thrash metal records. The songwriting which manages to create something different than the usual Kreator formula but still manages to sound quite traditional and primitive thrash is just superb and it that which makes the album so effective. Believe me if you like Kreator and are a fan of their 80s material you will not be dissapointed. Do not be afraid to give this a try.