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CHAOS!! - 100%

alexxhighlander, January 24th, 2009

Barely forty minutes of in your face 21st century thrash. That's what Kreator offers us once again, and those among us who have enjoyed their last two offerings as a breath of fresh air into a once stagnating genre will once again rejoice. One cannot live off their past glories, folks, unless you run a museum or you're Kiss, of course.

Many have mentioned the fact that Kreator has changed a lot over the past ten years as if it were a bad thing. Well, I am among those who definitely disagree. Milles has become a much better singer, something that is expected from any talented frontman, especially after so many years. Just barking out the lyrics may be cool enough when you're just young and silly and not able to do any better, but it doesn't quite cut it after so many albums and so many years. Mr. Petrozza keeps the agression and adrenaline levels high on this album, specially on tracks such as the three opening tracks, but dares to add clean vocals without sounding silly or commercial on Amok Run.

Credit must be given where it's due, and Ventor has practically reinvented himself as a drummer, to the point of my having people ask me whether Kreator has got a new drummer since Violent Revolution. The double bass and fills are simply mindblowing, mainly when compared to their past works, and really contribute to the overall sound and heaviness. It is certainly refreshing to see a drummer evolve like that, in a world where other famous pseudo-thrash drummers have done exactly the opposite and just plain suck nowadays. And once songs pick up speed, you can just see the moshpits before your eyes with a smile on your face.

The riffs having become more melodic is another point at which complainers and those like me simply stand at opposite extremes, since I see it as another major improvement that makes Kreator's sound more diverse, complex and enjoyable, without taking away any of the band's aggression, but just adding beauty and technique. If you're a music fan, a metal fan more than a fan of one specific genre, you really don't care whether riffs are pure thrash, melodeath or whatever, and you don't want to hear the same ideas repeated again and again over the years. Hordes of Chaos never gets boring, and it leaves you wanting more.

One thing that used to displease me about Kreator's past albums was the lack of decent production, although many view their raw sounding production from past albums as a positive thing. I do not. I think that is lame and has been fixed since the band's so called return. It might even be nice to see what those albums would sound like if they were to be re-recorded today. They might have been good enough at the time, but just sound weak nowadays. With Hordes of Chaos you get fast, heavy, loud, aggressive, but modern and clear production, the way it should be.

I doubt any other thrash act will release anything better than this in 2009, and I dare you to listen to this album as loud as possible and not find yourself screaming "CHAOS!" or "Unite to fight, unite to FIGHT!" after only the second listen...