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Disappointed... - 95%

MW2isOverrated, May 12th, 2010

In all of the ratings below 50%!

-Start rant-

This is my first review, so I figured it would be appropriate to give it to what I thought was the best album of 2009.

I don't understand why people are whining and bitching about this glorious production. The production of this album was done completely live in studio, which, will guaranteed have some people complaining "It's not Pleasure to Kill." Of course it's not Pleasure to Kill. That album (While the most glorious thing to come that year) was from 1986, and here emerges this, 23 years later. Kreator have aged, had numerous lineup changes, and have gone through an experimental period where they dabbled in industrial and Gothic metal.. But this is all thrown out the window when they come back into the thrash revival scene with this album. Sure, it's not the thrashiest stuff around, and sure, there were better albums released in 2009, but this proves that even though most of the members are 40-50 and above, they can still jam better than most modern bands.

-End rant-

And now, on to the review!

Kreator have done it again, and have come back blazing with a brand, spankin' new thrash masterpiece. But that is to be expected, coming from one of the most influential bands from the 80's, having given us influences in all of thrash, black, and death metal! They have crunching, in-your-face riffs, most intense drumming since Coma of Souls, and Mille screams like he wants to murder some infants who ripped off his riffs.

Granted, as most thrash bands have been doing for most of the existence of the genre, the lyrics are generally centered around politics. But, there are also non-politic related gems in there, such as Amok Run. The album delivers intensity, speed, and aggression in so much supply that you shit yourself the moment you hear the main riff in the title track.

Hordes of Chaos - A Necrologue for the Elite gives you a clear example of what to expect from the rest of the album. Fast riffing, a small example of Ventor's fastest drumming since their golden days, Mille's patended pissed-off screaming, and the rest can only get better. Warcurse is one of the fastest songs on the album, starting off with Ventor blasting away on his toms. Escalation is your classic Kreator song, with your intense start. Speedy drum fills, quick riffing, and a classic Mille scream with a classic Mille-pissed-off chorus.

Amok Run starts off with your 90's style Gothic intro, and once you realize what Mille's said, you're hit with a blast that feels like a straight punch to the stomach, and quickly gets into Mille tearing your face off with quite possibly his angriest vocals yet. The middle of the album is fairly decent, but consists of the earlier points.

By the time you get to Corpses of Liberty, you're trying to settle down your nerves from the forcibly induced headbanging which occurs automatically, and just as you settle down and think that this mellow instrumental is the end of the album, you get hit with the closer, Demon Prince, the most melodic, most intense, most gut-wrenchingly awesome track on the entire album. As soon as the first chorus finishes and you think you're still hanging onto your sanity, you're hit by one of Mille's best solos in the last 20 years, which just oozes aggression, hatred, and gets out all of that pent-up rage Mille has acquired over the years.

All in all, Hordes of Chaos is Kreator's most solid album since Coma of Souls, and any metalhead worth their salt should give this a listen.