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Very nice - 75%

meedley_meedley, December 18th, 2004

Now here's a band who's hit the bottom of the curve and worked their way up. A lot of bands that have been around for at least 15-20 years have had that happen. Maiden, Megadeth, Priest, Metal Church, etc... And now Kreator.

Now for a history lesson

After Outcast, and then Endorama, the band hit an all-time low. After the 90's, the band released Violent Revolution. It was good, but about halfway through, it kinda slumped. Now that Kreator has gotten all the weeds out of VR, we're left with this. ENEMY OF FUCKING GOD!

All I can say is that as soon I listened to the first track, i was astounded. The last time I heard something this fucking awesome was Deathchain's "Deadmeat Disciples" back a few months ago. THAT is album is just nuts. EOG is fucking insane, and better production as one said about this album. It's true. The older albums were good, but the production turned me off a lot. But on here, everything is heard nicely and is very crisp.

The title track starts out the album and just blows the skin off your scalp. Mille Petrozza just sounds so infuriated like he's ready to kill someone. Even some semi-melodic riffs can be found, without taking away from the intensity. The chorus is well done. The bridge is very well executed. Nice little melodic outro too.This is sure to be in Kreator's set list for a long time, as there is some instant classic feel to it as well.

Next is Impossible of Brutality. There's some melodic death metal tendencies around here, but again does not fail to deliver. My god, these vocals are filled with so much fury. Think of Tom Araya in his prime, ala Reign In Blood and South of Heaven. And the drums here are excellent.

Suicide Terrorist is very nice. Not the most insane song but still good. It's nice to see the band does not give in to letting up one bit, as some older thrash bands do these days.

World Anarchy is AWESOME! Some nice screams and use of the whammy. And just let me bang my head for a moment... ok... wait...

Ok, now we move on to Dystopia. I could see Slayer doing this around the Seasons in the Abyss era. This is very mid-paced but still thrashy.

Voices of the Dead is kind of the first chance you get to catch your breath, although the only chance one should have to catch their breath is when an album is FUCKING OVER! But nonetheless, it doesnt last long. The song moves into a semi-melodic piece, which itself moves into some nice heavy riffs. The vocals are harsh, only one complaint. The little lead thing in the chorus is annoying and shouldnt be there. Above average solo.

Murder Fantasies is good, but doesnt stand out as much. Kind of like Suicide Terrorist. Nothing all out great here. Reminds me of Violent Revolution.

When Death Takes Its Dominion starts out really dark. Nice build up as well. The rest is just pretty straight forward.

One Evil Comes (A Million Follow) has some Death influence with a galloping flow to it. These choruses are getting slightly annoying. The past few songs have been average and would really stand out if the choruses were better made and/or just created havoc on the world. Maybe some more leads would help too.

Dying Race Apocalypse starts out kinda weird but the main riff has a good beat and the vocal line is pretty cool. The double bass is crazy.

Under A Total Blackened Sky. Speed is the name here. Where the middle of the album was kinda average, things starts to go back up. This is awesome thrash. More harsh vocals and good riffs. One more complaint. The chorus is still kinda sour, and almost sounds [email protected]#*^[email protected]^$%% Dont let it scare you though, as long as you can handle it for about 10 seconds.

The Ancient Plauge is the album closer. It has an epic feel to it. Some acoustics and harmonic leads. At the minute and a half mark, the song really picks up with HEAVY ASS RIFFS! WHOA! This is a well made song, and nice way to close the album, even though I'd have preferred a absolutely spine crushing closer, this is just fine.

Get this you'll enjoy this.