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Your typical 90's sellout album, but kinda better. - 51%

RageW, September 14th, 2008

The 90's were pretty fucked up times for metal, at least in the mainstream. Even though you had some pretty good underground bands at the time, you also had those little bastards who wanted to throw everything they were worth through the board; and decided to copy the Metallica's and Pantera's out there, dumbing out their sound for some commercial attention. Poor Megadeth was a victim of this, as well as Slayer, and other countless bands who probably got a single in the top 10 for a week. This sellout virus (I'm not going to call it 'change') also ended up affecting Kreator; but unlike most of those other 90's records, this isn't as abysmally awful like Load/Risk/VDoP/Diabolous in Musica.

The German former Thrashers sort of got it right by doing really catchy songs without resorting to groovy rhythms, and instead opted for a more Gothic-industrial rock album. They are able to pull some really catchy stuff as well, but that doesn't save this album for being bad. The greatest problem with sellout 90's albums is the lack of consistency; bands go for few radio hits, while using the whole album to package it between a sandwich of sub-par songs. We have fucking horrid shit like the Title Track, which has one of the most annoying choruses I've ever heard, Petrozza going "It's getting closer/follow my friend/endorama is crushing you" I hate it! It gets on my nerves.

Then there are many fillers; maaaanyyyy. 'Shadowland' does nothing with that pseudo groove 'riff', 'Willing Spirit' starts pretty damn good with a very catchy melody, but then it's just fucking silly, full of some shit behind the verses which can't be called anything. There's no over-the-top choruses, and I can't even notice when it ends, just when 'Pandemonium' begins. Talking about that, 'Pandemonium' is pretty good, it starts with a melody that I swear it was taken straight from Maiden's 'Fear of the Dark', and it has some decent riffs, and a fancy sweep-picking solo. There's also (this is a guilty pleasure of mine) 'Chosen Few', which even though it has Petrozza singing in an almost *gasp* CORN (hehehe, fuck their name!) voice, it managed to make me like it, with that "a new era has begunnn" chorus, which sounds really gay, but it's fun in a Breaking the Law-like way.

'Everlasting Flame' is very good; as long as you're not expecting Thrash, and are instead ready for some violin (synth probably?) hooks, and a piano--Damn right, Kreator with a piano, seek shelter! The vocals sound just a little bit mallcorish, but not much, and the hooks are enough to keep you tuned. Hell, if all of Endorama was like this, with some little hooks here and there, probably better riffs, and more guitar solos...Well we would have Youthanasia, but that album is good! The 'heaviest' song in here is 'Soul Eraser', which has the most metal riffs, a bunch of hooky melodies, and if it wasn't for the annoying robot-like vocals, it would be the best song in here, just cause I find incredibly awesome to sing 'SOULLL ERASER!'.

I'll dedicate a paragraph just for the highlight of the album, which is the opener 'Golden Age'. It manages to keep itself fun for the whole duration, with a very over-the-top yet catchy chorus, and a cool guitar solo, even though it has some really ugly 'riffs' (if you can call them that way). But 'Golden Age' probably works better because it's at the beginning of Endorama, and since it's the first, it feels fresh, and at least at those moments you're not thinking "fuck I could be listening to Coma of Souls or something".

So yes, Endorama may be 'experimental', and different from Kreator's Thrash outputs, but that's not it's problem. The problem with this album is that it's too inconsistent, with good sing-along stuff, followed by completely forgettable crap. It gets really gay at times, specially Petrozza's voice and the usual groove riff. I really these kind of albums when they're done correctly, like Youthanasia, full of over-the-topness and blazing guitar solos; and even Metallica's ReLoad (though it also has the same problems as this, it's too inconsistent). I don't think you should buy this, unless you're into Gothic/Industrial type of stuff, if not, get it for those 4-5 songs which sort of make this album not suck completely.