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Not Bad For a Rock Band... - 82%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 31st, 2008

Alright, call me crazy but I like this album. I’ve always thought that Kreator were a bit too monotonous in their way of doing extreme thrash even if their first albums are very violent and enjoyable. Something changed from Extreme Aggression and new elements filled their sound, that was becoming more technical and less impulsive album after album. Renewal and Outcast were two examples of that (r)evolution, especially the last one where the band took another direction, focusing on the more dark and almost gothic side.

After two years from that Outcast, Kreator returned with a brand new album. The “German thrash metal scene” was a bit in crisis due to the Destruction’s musical fall and the new punkish influences by Sodom. Talking about this Endorama, Kreator have abandoned definitively thrash metal to become almost totally goth-electronic rock. Finding something metal here is very difficult and it can be considered just according to some guitars riffs.

The atmospheres are dreaming with that always present, dark touch inherited by the Outcast album. The songs are always very, very, very catchy, losing completely the impact. The vocals by Mille are far less screamed with more whispered parts. “Golden Age” is a very good opener and features always sweet melodies with an Arabic oriented solo. The tempo are mostly mid paced and almost martial. The following title track is a bit faster but always martial with weird vocals.

What makes the difference in these songs is the constant use of the lead guitars lines that lead the game, filling them with odd or melodic parts. The rhythmic guitars parts are constantly in balance between arpeggios or single note palm muting, just to create a support under the wall of melody and synth sounds. The melodies on “Shadowland” are really great (for a rock band) with a faster bass drum work and some more “metal” sounds during the verse. “Chosen Few” is average with less ideas, instead of “Everlasting Flame” that has lots of gothic influences in it. This is one of the most beautiful songs here, but it’s not metal at all.

The keyboards sounds are preponderant in most of the songs, like in the following “Passage Of Babylon” or “Future Ring”, that unfortunately mark a weaker songwriting than the other songs before. Anyway, they are always quite enjoyable. “Entry” is a very romantic, instrumental piano song, destroyed by the modern approach of “Soul Eraser”: a quite shitty song with plenty of filtrated vocals. “Willing Spirit” is ok in the melodies, while “Pandemonium” is very similar to “Phobia” (Outcast) in the tempo and rhythmic riffage.

The last “Tyranny” is average in melodies and catchiness. Surely, they gave their best in the first part of the album, while the second one features some fillers. Overall, it’s a quite good album by a complete different Kreator. An album for open-minded people, so forget thrash metal here.