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The most special death.... - 87%

UltraBoris, December 30th, 2002

Quick clarification ... the title of this review comes from a live bootleg where a certain song is introduced as "The most special death... is... Total Death!"

Anyway, moving along. This is a great debut from the German thrash masters Kreator. It's raw as fuck, and not quite as "grab you by the fucking throat, spin you upside down, and make you meet your maker 245 times a minute" as Pleasure to Kill, but it is certainly no slouch. It also has one of the most simply awesome album titles ever. "What are you listening to?" ENDLESS PAIN!!!! Doesn't get more Fucking Metal than that.

For the most part, this is very fast thrash with death-metal overtones (especially in the riff work, I hear a lot of old Sepultura or old Death in this), but at times it becomes an all-out raging thrasher, with the addition of monster counterpoint riffs. The best example of this is, the best song on here, "Storm of the Beast". Behold the chorus riff. Fear the chorus riff. All those caught not banging their heads will be shoved eyeballs-first into a fucking oven.

Also... "Take their Lives" has some great riffs in the verses, and "Total Death" is quite... special... yes. "Dying Victims" is just so fucking fast, and "Cry War" has that Artillery-esque total drop in speed, which is really well done. Textbook European thrash here. All the songs are really well done. Mille's vocals aren't quite as evil as on the next few albums, but they definitely go well with the material.

Overall, this is the first in a series of incredibly good Kreator albums - they would, for a few years anyway, do absolutely no wrong.