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The A.B.C. of Extreme Metal - 93%

Stenkth, August 22nd, 2015

And by A.B.C. I mean: atrocious, bestial and chaotic, this album is the purest definition that can be found for the term "extreme metal", because it is fast, it's very aggressive, it's "hardcore" in that it has no 'soft moments or instrumentals' that go away from the chaos that the whole album creates, except maybe for the first 25 seconds of Dying Victims and fortunately is the last song on this album, so the album is pure aggression itself. This album was released in 1985, but it is way ahead of its time. In that year there wasn't yet any Darkness Descends, nor Reign in Blood, nor Shark Attack, nor anything like this; for 1985, this is the most merciless album that can exist (this one along with Seven Churches and maybe Sepultura's Bestial Devastation ep); however, that doesn’t mean that before 1985 there didn't exist other releases that were extreme, in 1984 Hellhammer released Triumph of Death, an homage to the most horrendous face of metal in their ep Apocalyptic Raids, and in that same year Bathory released their self titled album; although Endless Pain is more extreme than Bathory's, Bathory's album is darker and more sinister than Endless Pain. Maybe there will be people that will want to include To Mega Therion as an extreme and bestial album (same for Bulldozer's Day of Wrath), but I don't consider To Mega Therion as extreme as Seven Churches or this album (but that doesn't mean Mega Therion is bad, all the opposite, it is magnificent).

Half the album's songs have Petrozza as the main vocalist, and the other half have Ventor (the drummer) as the main vocalist, and they are arranged in a way that one song has Petrozza as vocalist and the next song has Ventor as the vocalist, which is good. Although they could have put the first 5 songs with Petrozza alone as the vocalist, and the other five with Ventor as the vocalist and that would have been good as well. Both vocalists are aggressive, and with both vocalists the album is extreme and great; however, with Petrozza leading the band, Kreator sounds like a demon that has been unleashed and is completely pissed off and determined to harm humanity, whereas Ventor sounds like a pissed off guy that has the urge to kill. The difference is in that: Ventor sounds human and pissed off (extreme thrash metal), and Petrozza sounds inhumane, fierce and pissed off (extreme black thrash metal). Both vocalists are great, I like their style, around extremeness and violence the album's music centers on. The songs that have Ventor as the vocalist are the ones that in moments slow down a little bit the speed, but then again they speed up (a thing that isn't bad at all), for example: Storm of the Beast or Cry War are songs that go relatively slow (when compared with the rest of the songs), however, after the middle of the songs they speed up again and get violent; whereas Petrozza's songs never slow down at all.

Drums sound good overall, they aren't noisy in the respect that you can listen to the rest of the instruments, they also aren't brutal or something like that but still they go well with the music, they have good production and sound good. Bass can be heard sometimes here and there (mainly in Bone Breaker), but overall what sounds the most is drums and guitars, and of course, vocals which I consider are the most remarkable thing of this album.

Another interesting point that I want to highlight is that when this was recorded, band members were 18 and 19 years old, and that is quite impressive for me. They were very young, but that didn't mean they had no clue on what they were doing, they knew what they were doing and what they wanted to prove with this album: that they would be the most extreme thrash metal band in the whole Germany; Kreator are the Germany Slayers of the teutonic trio (Destruction, Kreator and Sodom; although there is people that expand the trio to a four way including Tankard or Exumer [I am possessed by fire!]).

This album breathes and emanates bestiality, ferocity, but at the same time, love for metal. This album raises high the Flag of Hate and the flag of metal itself in general.