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Raise The Flag of Hate!!! - 87%

Metal_Jaw, April 12th, 2012

There's no thrash like German thrash. Straight outta Essen comes my personal favorite of the German Thrash Triangle, Kreator, and their completely bloodthirsty debut album, "Endless Pain". How fucking cool is that title, huh? While certainly not Kreator's best, "Endless Pain" is one of the strongest starters for any thrash band ever, totally obliterating all in its path with a then unheard of rush of hardcore hooks and riffs mixed with grisly, genuinely evil vocals. Are you ready for the pain?

Kreator starts out as a trio here, with Roberto Fioretti on bass, "Ventor" on drums, and the legendary Mille Petrozza on guitars, both the latter two sharing vocal duties. Ventor's vocals are pretty vicious, but a tad bit cleaner than Mille's, whose vox are the real main attraction here. He sounds really, really pissed and flat out evil; classic raspy German growling. His guitar work is competent though nothing terribly special; even still the guy can rip and shred a riff better than you or me. Ventor's drumming is also simple and workman-like; nothing terribly creative but he has pummel the kit like a jackhammer on crack. Speed magic! And then we have Fioretti's invisible bass, which is so low in the mix I can't properly review it. Moving on.

There are 10 songs on this album. Ten songs that are are fucking awesome as fuck, and if you don't think they are awesome, then you are weak as fuck, plain and poseur simple. While the record is plagued a bit by a lack of variation and some repetition, they all still manage to kick in one way or another. The opening title track rips with untamable Ventor vocals and one hell of a riff that starts up a bit after the minute mark. Or we have "Tormentor", killing all with its clean hyperspeed and the hooky chanting of the title. Beware of "Bone Breaker", another catchy mini-thrasher that mixes speedy brutality with some cool melody in the verses. Maybe you could "TRY...TO RAISE...THE FLAG...OF HAAAATE!!!" and rip a hole through your neighbor's house with help from Petrozza's throaty death growls and more catchy chainsaw riffage. Watch out for the "Storm of the Beast" and its immense chorus and demonic time changes.

Overall, this is pure death-to-poseur, high-thrashing venom right here. Sure there is the lack of variety and a sense of inexperience, but you're not gonna care much when you're being ear-fucked by this many quality riffs and uber-aggressive thrashing. Recommended for you, and highly recommended for your neighbors!