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IWP, October 16th, 2007

So this is the debut album of one of the most influential and aggressive thrash bands ever. This band makes Slayer sound like wimps. They're a lot more aggressive and overral better than Slayer as well. Speaking of Slayer, this album reminds me alot of Slayer's Show No Mercy. Just l;ike that album, It has a very raw and NWOBHM-ish sound to it. However, just about every song on here is fast, angry, and most of all evil. To add to it, this album features two vocalists. The first one being Ventor who amazingly also plays drums here. Then, we have the second and better fitted singer for this band, Mille. He sings with a black metalish style, and on this album, it fits perfectly.

Amongst the highlights here are the title track, Total Death, Tormentor, Flag of Hate, and Bonebreaker. Bonebreaker oddly has a fun punkish sound to it, but it still has monster riffs. The other songs are raging thrashers that you must headbang to. Mille's vocals are what really makes this album great. I mean, his voice just fits the music almost perfectly. Ventor isn't too shabby either, though. Another thing about Kreator is that whenever they play fast songs, they never fail to impress, but whenever they play slower songs, it always sounds a bit dull and uninteresting. Dying Victims is a great example. It's not a bad song, but it's just not as bloddy awesome as the other songs on this album.

If you're a fan of raw sounding thrash ala Kill 'Em All or Show No Mercy, or just love very aggressive thrash, then by all means get this album. Sure, it's no Pleasure to Kill or Coma of Souls, but it's sure as hell worth your time.