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Old and New - 95%

ribs_gibson, February 11th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, 12" vinyl, Gilead Media

Surprised with all the reviews of other Krallice releases, this gem has yet to get a single notion. I'll keep it short so basically if you're already a fan of Krallice's material (both old and new), then you'll definitely enjoy their latest LP. Krallice goes atmospheric on this one, upping the keyboards (allegedly played by Marston) and a slight attempt to return to their debut self-titled roots. For reference to epic keys, check out the track "Quadripartite Mirror Realm".

The only few gripes I have of Go Be Forgotten is that it isn't f*ckin long enough!! Of course you have one track at nearly 11 minutes and another around 10, but those are weak numbers compared to the usual Krallice classics. That and maybe it's just me, but the production is slightly off compared to pretty much every other Krallice release. Perhaps they were intentionally going for that older than the debut throwback sound, or maybe the album was just put together more quickly than the others. Minor gripes as I find myself going to select tracks or just cranking it up to an obnoxious level. The keys are perfectly blended in the interludes as well as the breaks to the more longer tracks. The title track is probably the most diverse track with hints of newer Krallice material as well as newer Gorguts.

Krallice is definitely going in a different direction dating back to Ygg Huur, but Go Be Forgotten brings back many epic moments of the older Krallice releases. Easily a starter album for those who haven't checked out the band. But if you're like me and I'm sure many other familiar fans, Go Be Forgotten is quite the refreshing release in comparison to their previous outputs. Not to say Ygg Huur through Loüm aren't good or great albums in terms of Krallice's discography, I just missed the style of those first four releases.

I would say Go Be Forgotten is quite the throwback to the older material, and in my opinion, their best work since Years Past Matter. Like I said, only if it clocked over an hour like the first four, it might be in my top three. Shit, even the first four didn't last long enough for my greedy ass. Easily a re-playable album and if you still haven't heard any material from this release, I suggest starting with "Go Be Forgotten". Quite an epic climax to that track. 9.5 / 10

Best tracks: Go Be Forgotten, Chaos of the Living, Ground Prayer