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Truth breeds confusion, Lies bleeds Death Metal - 95%

Misainzig, May 19th, 2009

Blasting and beating their way through the Czech Death Metal scene in the early 90s, Krabathor rose above the pack and released 2 absolutely essential pieces of death metal. What makes Lies so much heavier than it’s equally as awesome predecessor, Cool Mortification, is the guitar tone. It can be somewhat overwhelming when you realize just how pummeling and destructive the sound of the guitar is. There is truly a brutal aspect to what Krabathor have accomplished here. The double bass is fast, constant, and unrelenting. The drums are slightly quieter than what I would prefer, but you can hear every technical blast and fill. A lot of the songs follow a similar sound that is truly one only Krabathor has been able to conjure up.

At times the riffs fall into very thrashy territory not all that different from Brazillian thrash bands. The riffs are ALWAYS catchy. If you want, you can headbang to every riff on this album. Rebirth of Blasphemy has absolutely the catchiest moment of death metal I have ever heard. I’ve literally had it stuck in my head for a week or so now. Whenever the backing riff to the chorus lets loose in this song, all I can imagine is some fucking incarnation of Frankenstein’s Monster running about a village with an axe, unmercifully taking out any and all in his way. There’s nothing more fitting the definition of blasphemy than a pieced together monster without a soul!

Imperator (Strikes Again) shoots out of the gates with one of the best examples of thrashy riffage. The chorus here is once again, catchy as a motherfucker. IM-PER-AY-TORR! Who the fuck does death metal gang vocals? Krabathor fucking does baby! Imperator also has the second best solo on the whole album. Fairly technical and fast, and it fades out on quite a sinister note, that the riffage sort of compliments.

Have your ear drums fucking erupted yet?

Absolutely one of the greatest songs ever recorded, Believe… must be one of the most heartfelt instrumental death metal pieces ever. Some people have spiritual awakenings with certain songs (Don’t they? Fuck I don’t know) . I’ve never had one of those, but this song is probably as close as I could ever get. The entire thing bumps up the technicality ten fold, and shreds along for about 3 minutes. It doesn’t contain the dark, brooding, and musty atmosphere that is released from the rest of the album. It has a sort of uplifting quality that fluctuates throughout the song, yet at the end it brings you crashing back down to reality with its abysmal and depressing leads.

What Krabathor has done is created what might be my favorite death metal album ever. It’s classic, classy, catchy, and kicks the shit out of every death metal album released in 1995.

Suck on this Chris Barnes, Chuck Schuldiner, and Glen Benton!