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This is how Black Metal should sound today - 90%

Erethel, April 27th, 2011

Kozeljnik are back after their impressive first album "Sigil rust", and what a comeback! For those who listened and liked their first release, the same elements that made that album a great one are also present here, just more evolved and refined. The harsh, Dødheimsgard-style vocals are there, the amazing drumming is there (LG is probably one of the best drummers in today's BM scene, something he has proven both in recordings and concerts) and the furious and twisted guitar riffs are there too. But along those old elements, a lot of new details pop out, like the use of chanted-like clean vocals, or even a bit of violin in a couple of songs.

This is a very mature album, played by very talented musicians, which definitely puts the Serbian scene in the map, together with other amazing acts as Dead shell of universe or the well-known The Stone. If I had to highlight a track, it would probably be "Deeper the fall", because of the hypnotic chanting at the beginning of the song, and all the changes and twists that make this track an excellent example of how black metal has evolved from (in most of the cases) straight forward music into a very complex and mature style.

The general atmosphere of the album could be summed up by saying it's a mix of Dødheimsgard "Satanic art" and Satyricon's "Rebel extravaganza", but with the darkness those two albums are missing. Definitely one of the best releases of the year!