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Koti is quite good but as for Romeo... - 70%

icedray, April 28th, 2003

its a bit disappointing. This solo effort by Stratovarius' lead singer has its good points but there are some weak moments. Most of the weak moments of this album have to do with Michael Romeo's (of Symphony X) playing. Now while I am a fan of Symphony X, I must admit that Romeo seems to be running out of ideas regarding riffs. A sense of "sameness" is starting to creep into his playing and it shows here. Despite that flaw, the album is quite good overall. Koti shines vocally as usual. Examples are "Travel Through Time" , "Beginning" and "Battle of the Gods". There is a lyrical Egyptian theme to the album and the songs flow nicely from one to the next. Again, another concern here is that the guitars are a bit held back. Now I know this is Koti's solo effort and is to highlight his vocals, some of the songs would be better with the guitars more upfront as long as Romeo had something more original to offer. The problem there is that if Romeo does come up with more riffs, he will most likely use it for Symphony X. So my suggestion to Koti for the next album is to probably find an upstart metal guitarist who is hungry to display his skills and will bring a more fresh sound.