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Jesus. I need a drink. - 76%

OSheaman, August 24th, 2003

Let me make it absolutely clear that Timo Kotipelto is my god. We'll get this out of the way before we even start. If he told his fans to all go out and throw themselves in front of fast-moving trains, I'd be riding the front of the TGV before the day was out.

But this album is a dumb fucker of an idea. We take that damn Egyptian/Middle-Eastern/Arabic/whatever riff pattern and stretch it out into AN ENTIRE ALBUM. Now, in case you've had your head up your rectum for the past ten years, I must inform you that the Egyptian style of riffs has positively TAKEN OVER the entire fucking world of metal, and while it's a pretty cool idea, you can only hear it played so many times before it gets annoying. REALLY annoying. And *everybody* seems to be doing it--Edguy, Iced Earth, Therion, Melechesh . . . even Iron fucking Maiden! It's gotten completely out of hand and everybody seems to be so concerned with riding this little trend that I never seem to hear any new riffage anymore. Uggh. The other real problem on here is that a lot of the songs sound very similar in general--there isn't the sort of song-to-song distinction that's in your standard Stratovarius album.

Highlights. Hmm . . . well, Lord of Eternity has a pretty catchy beat, although the riffage is nothing new on the album (and it's only the third song--why are we repeating riffage on the THIRD FUCKING SONG?). And . . . well, [Insert Song Here] has pretty cool riffage and great vocals, but it sounds a lot like most of the other stuff on here. Coming from the front man of one of the most diverse sounds in Power Metal, this bland combination is nothing short of suicide-inducing. The vocals are great, and the beats are varied, but the RIFFAGE IS ALL THE SAME. Which is BAD.

What the fuck is Timo Kotipelto doing here? This is a tremendous waste of a side project--a bland and uninspired album that relies on the big-name stars in teh band (like Kotipelto and Romeo) to draw any sales at all. Avoid it unless you are in desperate need of boring Power Metal.