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Chaotic, psychedelic and dark - 100%

HviteGuden, September 15th, 2019

Kostnatění has a quite recognizable sound. The project has already shown that on its demo "Konec je všude". After its release there was an aureole of a mystique around the project. But prior to the release of "Hrůza zvítězí" Kostnatění came out of shadows, it was revealed, that the man behind Kostnatění had already obtained some experience in other projects. Actually "Konec je všude" gave a hint to that, because this record was made professionally in the sense of both songwriting and production.

The influences of Kostnatění also were confirmed with the release of "Hrůza zvítězí", as the leader of the project revealed in an interview that he had been inspired by Odz Manouk, which was well heard on "Konec je všude". However, "Hrůza zvítězí" is aimed not to repeat the formula of the demo, but to go further. Some other influences became more dominant on the debut full-length album of Kostnatění. The sound of "Hrůza zvítězí" is more rooted in the chaotic and dissonant style of performing black metal, which was popularized by the likes of Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega.

A structure of the compositions is complex. It's linear and based on constant variating of chaotic melodies. The album starts with its title track, which is lengthy and initially presents the described above dissonant style. The interwoven melodies emit an obscure energy. Closer to its mid-point the composition becomes slower and grimmer, after what the tempo rises and there comes the culmination, when the trumpet appears. This is a quite epic episode. However, the ending is the best part of the composition, it is utterly slow and eerie. So, the album has a spectacular opening.

"Jedna generace" starts with the eerie mood of its predecessor, but then it brings some other moods. Actually, from this composition Kostnatění begins to sound more similar to the manner of "Konec je všude". The melodies become clanging and delirious like on the demo. Kostnatění increases the level of the insanity and the least picks on "Každé zranění předurčeno". That composition is filled with frantic melodies, what makes it similar to "Ukrást jediné ticho" of "Konec je všude". The lead guitar on "Každé zranění předurčeno" is just wonderful. It causes a kind of a psychedelic burst out there. Eventually this track smoothly flows to the next one - "Únik z existence", which isn't too fast and focuses on psychedelia.

The final composition "Donekonečna v přítomném čase" brings back the more intense manner, in which the album started. And the intensity cultivates itself by the ending of the track, where the music becomes absolutely wicked, as the tempo reaches its highest point and there come mind-blowing noisy effects. So, every track of "Hrůza zvítězí" stands out. There's something specific about each of them. Kostnatění demonstrates progress. On its debut full-length album the project elevates its best qualities to the next level. "Hrůza zvítězí" is a frantic monument of insanity and darkness.