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"Let's Drink and Enjoy!" - 88%

CountBlagorath, October 29th, 2008

Korpiklaani is a Folk metal band from Finland. They blend “humppa” (Finnish polka) and thrash metal. Thier fourth album Teravaskanto (Finnish for ‘old man’) delivers the best folk metal around.

The album starts with the catchy, happy and beer chugging anthem “Let’s Drink”. This song gives you a great idea of what this band is all about; beer and having a good time. The violin starts out the song for a brief second and then the band kicks in. You can’t help but sing along and smile.

The next track is another great song called “Tervaskanto”. This track is just as catchy as the first track, only the lyrics are in Finnish. This song starts out with a good guitar riff for a few seconds then all humppa hell breaks loose. It’s fast but not too fast. You will find your self singing along (as best as you can) and headbanging and having a strange urge to dance. In the end, this song will stick to you for a long time.

“Viima” is the next track and it really is more humppa than metal. It starts out with the accordion with some sort of distortion on it so it sounds like it’s being played on an old record player. Then the rest of the band comes in and you get fully engrossed in the song. You try to sing along with the Finnish lyrics and tap you foot to the beat. You almost feel like you have aged by about 20-60 years (depending on how old you are to begin with) because it really is more of a polka song than a metal song. But still nontheless, it is a great song.

The next few tracks “Veriset Aparat”, “Running with the Wolves”, “Liekkion Isku” and “Palovana” really do not stand out too much because they are basically the same songs with a different name. The only one that stands out amongst those said songs is “Running with the Wolves” because it is an instrumental. They all are good, but have no variation between them.

This brings us to track eight, “Karhunkaatolaulu”. It opens with a very “dark” (I use this term very loosely with this band) accordion and violin intro. Then the drums start and get ready to go on the craziest trip on this album. Jonne’s vocals are very harsh in the spoken beginning of this song. Then every member gives it their all and delivers a very fast and chaotic master piece. From beginning to end, the song goes from fast, happy and drunken to just really anger filled vocals back to the happy drunken folk metal. My favorite song on the whole album.

The next track is “Misty Fields”. It starts out with an extremely catchy intro then it goes into the actual song. The vocals start and you can’t help but try to sing it like how Jonne does (with poor English and a strong Finnish accent). The song repeats it’s self a lot and gets stuck in your head for days. Very strong track.

Now it’s time for the all mighty “Vesilahden Verajilla”. It has a very folk-ish intro with an acoustic guitar and a steady and almost trance educing drum beat. After a little while of this, the folk instruments come in. This repeats its self for a while then the acoustic guitars make their return during the verses. The song repeats the intro, but they include vocals. But, for some reason, it just doesn’t get old or annoying. Great track from start to finish.

Now, the last track, “Nordic Feast”. This song is an instrumental that will make you smile. It is by far the happiest song on the whole album. An great choice to close the album with.

Teravaskanto is a great album if folk metal is your thing. And if you can, try to find the Digipack with the bonus DVD, “Live at Wacken 2006”. They put on a great show and do not disappoint. You will find your self singing, dancing, headbanging and (more than likely) drinking to every song on this album. Great album from start to Finnish (pardon the pun).